The Best Gymnurstics on Twitter

Sometimes it can feel lonely nursing a toddler. You’re past the point where you have to nurse in public, so sometimes you can just wait until you get home. You don’t get that solidarity with other nursing moms as much. Your extended family and some friends may be kind of done being supportive, and has moved on to the part after the “but” in “We totally support breastfeeding, but…” You find yourself inserting “still” in there whenever you talk about nursing.

So if you’re ever feeling like you’re the only one picking sock fuzz out of your toddler’s toes while they nurse, wander over to Twitter and check out #gymnurstics. The tone of the posts is so familiar–moms who who are asking “When is this going to end?” while simultaneously hoping each session isn’t their baby’s last.

And sometimes, you just have to laugh so you don’t cry.



What’s your toddler’s favorite nursing position?

Erin Burt is a freelance writer and mother of three girls, including one nursing toddler. She lives and writes in Queensbury, New York. 

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