Getting Your Husband on Board to Cloth Diaper

First cloth diaper at 14 days old.

When I was pregnant with my first I decided that I wanted to cloth diaper, but knew it would take some work to get my husband on board. We live in West Texas where there is not much of a cloth diapering community, we are not environmentally conscious, and we did not have any friends that used cloth.

First, I told him how much money we would save. I knew this would be my biggest bargaining tool as he is all about budgeting and saving. Next, I showed him pictures of different cloth diapers and told him they would be easy to change. These two discussions went pretty well, but he was still skeptical which lead to our next discussion- what to do with the poop. Thankfully, I was ready for this question.  When a baby is exclusively breastfed the poop can be put directly in the wet bag to store until washing time.  After starting solids, the poop diapers must be sprayed off to remove the solid matter before you can put them in the washing machine. Living in West Texas we do things a little differently and I told him we would use a water hose outside to spray off the diapers. The look on his face told me he was less than impressed so I offered to do all of the cloth laundry. He was on board.

I ordered my first six diapers before I had my baby, one-size Bum Genius 4.0s with snaps. When they came in the mail I prepped them so that when my little one arrived they would be ready. My plan was to use disposable diapers as long as I needed so I would not get overwhelmed with all of the changes. At fourteen days old my little one wore her first cloth diaper!  The diaper fit, but looked so big. From then, she wore cloth diapers during the day when we were at home. I slowly added to my stash and soon we were using cloth 24-7.

Today my husband changes, and even sprays the poop off of the diapers. He does not know the wash routine, but knows what can go in the dryer and what hangs dry. We are both extremely happy with our decision to cloth diaper.  He hates disposables and complains when we use them on long trips. Another happy, cloth diapering daddy!

Kristen Beggs is a cloth-diapering mom of two. She lives and writes in Midland, TX.

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