Get Outside!

photo-3As the weather starts getting a little warmer, I get spring fever and want to be outside as much as possible. With a young baby it may seem hard to get outside, but it can be lots of fun with a little planning.

One of the easiest things to do is to go for a stroll around your neighborhood. You can put on a baby carrier and head out; this gets you a little exercise and gets your baby some fresh air. If you have an older kid, they can ride their bike or a scooter and get exercise as well. If you want some more challenging exercise you can always go for a run around your neighborhood with the kids in a jogging stroller. Keep in mind age requirements for jogging safely with baby: Most baby joggers can’t be used until baby can sit on his own.

Another fun option that might take a little more planning is heading to a park. Babies love to watch other kids; if you have just one child, you can take a blanket and just people watch. If you have more than one, you can put your little one in the carrier so it is easier to play and keep an eye on the older ones. Parks are a great place to meet other parents or have play dates.

Before kids, my husband and I loved to play golf together. We have been able to continue this while taking both of our kids. When we play golf with kids, we always make sure to play when there are not very many other players out on the course. This is both for safety of our kids and out of respect for others. Our three-year-old enjoys going golfing with us; her first time golfing was at about 6 months old. Today we golf with two young kids which is an experience, but also a lot of fun. We enjoy teaching our kids a sport that we enjoy and they can play their whole life.

There are so many fun things to do outside; with a little planning many of these can be adapted so that they can be done with baby.  Remember sun safety as well; if you follow our blog you see a post on sun safety soon.

Kristen Beggs is a cloth diapering, baby wearing mom of two who loves to get out!

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