Fun Things to Do While Baby Naps

fun things to do while baby napsI asked for a harmonica for Christmas the year my first son was born. I thought I could watch YouTube videos and learn to play it while he napped. I think you can see what a terrible idea that was. I still have the harmonica. It sits, lonely and unused, in my jewelry box.

Nap time (and nursing time) is a little gift to mommy sanity. There are tons of ways to take advantage of these little gems of “free” time. From every baby book on the planet, and from every baby shower, comes the advice to “sleep when the baby sleeps.” Is this good advice? Yes. Is it possible? Not always.

Whatever your reason to not be able to sleep during nap time (other children, working from home, postpartum anxiety, etc), if you aren’t napping you can do responsible adulting things. Things like cleaning your house, prepping food, catching up on emails, etc.

Or, you can save all the boring stuff for later though and use the time to learn something new or test out a new hobby (maybe not learning a musical instrument). A lot of moms get into photography after having a baby. It’s a natural move, really…you want tons of pictures of your pride and joy, and it would be nice if those pictures were halfway decent. If that sounds interesting to you, an entry level DSLR and a book or internet course will have you on your way.

A friend of mine used her nursing breaks to learn more about personal finance via her smartphone. Like, she really got into it. She ended up making a solid get-out-of-debt plan and it worked wonders for her and her family.

Sometimes, naptime can mean side job time. I have friends that do vinyl businesses, sewing businesses and art and jewelry making businesses. You could also look into freelance writing, if that sort of thing floats your boat.

Blogging is also a popular outlet. YouTube channels are also popular, but that may end up being noisier than you would like for naptime.

Finally, once you have the all clear from your health provider if you’re post-partum, this can be a good time to get your workout on (check out Swork It if you have a smartphone for free custom tailored workouts you can do from home). You can also use the time to unwind with yoga or meditation.

Meaghan Howard is a busy stay-at-home mom to two little boys and a houseful of animals. She and her family are enjoying living overseas for the time being.

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