Fun Halloween Snacks for Toddlers

Fun halloween snacks for toddlersThe weather is getting cooler and fall will soon be here! If you are like me, I love fall. I love everything pumpkin from a latte to a candle. If your kids are like mine, they love snacks. I have a 3-year-old who is constantly wanting a snack and a 1-year-old who has recently discovered the art of snacking. Here are some fun fall snacks for your little ones to try.

Get Fruity!

My son Levi loves bananas. If you are a fan of Halloween, try making these fun ghost bananas with chocolate chips and fruit. For older kids, try pumpkin oranges. Boo-rific!

My kids both love apples and applesauce. Fall is the perfect time to make tasty treats with yummy apples. Try making apple chips or simply add a little cinnamon to some applesauce to give it some fall flavor. These apple cars would be a fun treat to make with mom. All you need are apples and sliced grapes. Fun and healthy–just keep an eye on the toothpicks.

Fun halloween snacks for toddlersGo for a Mix!

If you are like my kids, you like a little bit of everything in your snack. There are lots of fun, creative snack mixes on websites like and Pinterest where you can find super cute and fun mixes. This one was my favorite I found on

Marshmallows, cereal, candy corn, and raisins are in this mix, so you would want to be sure and keep it appropriate for the age of children you are serving. My kids would gobble this one up.

 Stay Simple!

When it comes to fall, sometimes it just takes making things a little more spicy and warm to really create a fun snack. Try making apple cider with an older child. Decorating cupcakes and creating pumpkin toppings is an easy treat for any toddler. (Go ahead and let your little one lick the spoon.) If you have a little guy like mine, opt for easy snacks like dried apples or other dried fruits. It doesn’t have to be complicated and fancy for kids, just let them know you care by spending time with them in the kitchen.

Get Crafty!

Owls have become really popular over the past couple years in the fall season. These owl crackers are sure to be a hoot with your little ones! All you need is cream cheese, crackers, and raisins. Be careful not to use almonds for little ones. The nose could be made with a Cheerio, too. These look so fun and tasty! Pumpkin patch dippers would be a healthy option for a fall snack, as well. All you need for these are sliced carrots and hummus.

So whatever you choose to do this fall, spend some time with your little ones in the kitchen. They are never too young to bang on a pot or pan, stir a bowl of mix, or simply lick the spoon. I plan on trying some of these with my kids this fall season. Happy snacking!

Karyn Meyerhoff lives, writes, and eats lots of yummy treats in Northeast Indiana. 

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