Fruit Kabobs


Most everyone would agree that we want our families to eat healthy foods, but sometimes this can be a real struggle. Making fruit kabobs is a super fun and easy nutrition activity you can do even with very young children, with supervision.

Items needed:

    • Variety of fruit
    • Kabob skewers

Moms can wash the fruit and cut it into medium-sized chunks and arrange it on a plate or tray. Then encourage your child to create their fruit kabob using any of the fruit they want in any order. Younger children might need additional support to use skewers safely.


While the main goal of this activity is to making eating healthy foods fun, there are some simple ways to expand the activity. For example you could use this as an opportunity to introduce your child to new, more exotic types of fruits such as pineapple, mango, or kiwi. You can discuss the colors and textures of the fruits they select. If your child is a little older you could suggest they make a pattern with their fruit. You can examine the skins and seeds of the fruits. You could even involve your child in the shopping trip to pick out what fruits they want to buy for their fruit kabobs. This is an activity you could easily do at a play-date or even a birthday party because it’s not very messy, it’s rather inexpensive if you buy fruit in season, and the preparation time is minimal. Often time peer gatherings involve highly processed and sugary foods; this could be a fun, healthy alternative!

My kids really enjoy making and eating fruit kabobs. Sometimes to “help” prepare dinner, they will sit at the kitchen table working on putting together the kabobs while I cook dinner. We then serve the fruit kabobs with our meal. They feel important when they contribute to preparing healthy foods for the family to enjoy. Additionally they are more apt to eat what is served if they have participated in the process of making it.

Do you have any special tips or fun ideas to encourage healthy eating habits for children? Would love for you to share your ideas!


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