Friday Family Spotlight: Meet Jill’s Family

I really enjoy introducing you to some of the families here at Breastfeed.Babywear.ClothDiaper.Naturally! It’s been a really fun way to get to know our readers better! This week I am excited to spotlight Jill’s family. They are blessed to live on 8 acres in the country. Jill has some great tips for meal planning and establishing a daily groove with your kids. Read on to learn more….

Who are the members of your family? 

Matthew, Jill and 2 daughters: Keeley (4) and Brennan (1). We live on 8 acres in the country. My husband has worked on machines that go underwater and up in the air. I  stay at home and keep my feet on the ground.
Describe your cloth diaper stash:

Full circle: I started out with prefolds and covers for a newborn, then added pockets and All in Ones, and have just re-stashed with some flats and prefolds as pocket stuffers, kind of a ‘best of both worlds’ attitude. You get the great fit of a pocket with the old-world of cotton/hemp inserts that absorb well and wash up wonderfully!

Describe your daily routine:

One of my friends introduced me to the EASY routine for babies (eat time, awake time, sleep time, you time). We still go around this type of schedule for both kids, you just have to adjust the time in between the ‘sleep’ the older they get! I sneak in kitchen and laundry chores while the kids are eating at the table. I don’t really get ‘you’ time anymore because my kids sleep at different times, but I do the things I CAN do while each kid is awake (for instance if I sleep late, then while the baby naps in the morning, the 4 year old watches tv while I shower).

What are some of your favorite “me” time indulgences?

I rarely do things just for me, I can’t justify the expense, so instead I take great happiness in just getting to paint my toenails a fun color, reading books from the library, or watching ‘crime’ tv shows after the kids are in bed.

What’s your number one secret for stretching a dollar?

Meal planning with leftovers. I like to make a bigger item like a roast chicken and then get several meals like soup, enchiladas, and sandwiches out of the same main dish.

Share one special family tradition you have?

On Christmas Eve, we take the kids to church services in their pajamas and read the Christmas story from the bible and ‘Twas the night before Christmas’ to the kids before bed!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

Hands down, it would be to take a short nap and be completely refreshed. My kids ‘split’ naps so there’s never a ‘break’ in kid caring. On those rare opportunities that they are quiet at the same time, I don’t have enough time to get a real nap, but if 10 minutes was enough, I could probably sneak that time in somewhere and be a whole different person!

Thanks Jill for sharing your family with us! I love the idea of an EASY routine! I have never heard that before…sounds like a great daily rhythm for you and the kids. 🙂

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Happy Friday Everyone!!


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