The Fourth Trimester: A 12-Week Postpartum Series

Most people are familiar with the three trimesters of pregnancy:

The Fourth Trimester

  • First trimester is from conception to week 12.
  • Second trimester is from week 13 to week 27
  • Third trimester is from week 28 until birth

But did you know that the first 12 weeks out of the womb are often referred to as the “fourth trimester”? This is a time of rapid changes for both you and your baby. Your body changes significantly during this time as, “your reproductive tract returns to its non-pregnant state. In addition, your cardiovascular, respiratory, musculo-skeletal, urologic, gastrointestinal, endocrine, and nervous systems all also return to a nonpregnant state” (Postpartum: 4th Trimester). Your baby is also growing and changing as he/she is adjusting to life outside the womb and his/her body is learning to regulate itself.

The fourth trimester is certainly a special time for a family. It is a time of bonding and developing new connections. However, it can also come with challenges as you navigate new roles and how to care for a new family member.

This weekly series will examine common topics that arise during the first 12 weeks after giving birth. For example, establishing breastfeeding, learning to love and accept your postpartum body, nourishment for a nursing mama, cloth diapering from day one, newborn baby wearing and much more.


And who better to share about the fourth trimester experience than a mama who is going through it herself? Blog contributor Sarah recently gave birth to her fourth son and is enjoying the trials and tribulations of the fourth trimester experience…for the fourth time! She is greatly looking forward to sharing her journey with you.


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