Flying with Baby Made Easy

If you are flying with your baby for the first time during the holiday season you may be a little nervous, but in reality it is not that difficult. We have flown with both of our children since they were very young. I have even flown alone with a six-month old and a two-year old. Here are some tips to make flying with your baby go smoothly.

Pack Efficiently

We try to check everything except the essentials so when we get on the airplane we are not messing with a bunch of stuff. Depending on the length of flight essentials for a baby might include: nursing cover, change of clothes, diapers, wipes and a stroller. For younger babies toys are not needed, but as the baby gets older you will want to pack a few toys to keep their attention that will not bother the other passengers. We try to have a new toy or something such as a cell phone that they normally do not play with.

Wear Your Baby

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One of the best pointers I got was to wear the baby at the airport. This makes the whole security process easier for both you and your baby. The baby is allowed to go through security while you are holding them in the carrier and you have your hands free. The baby is safely on mom or dad and not traumatized by the security process. I wear my Baby Hawk every time we fly.


One of the best things to do during take-off and landing is to nurse your baby. This alleviates the pressure in their ears. Nursing instead of taking bottles, formula or pumped breast milk also makes for more efficient packing.

Ask For Help

This is especially important if you are flying alone with babies. When I flew alone with both of my children everyone was so nice and helpful. A man getting on the airplane behind me folded my stroller, and the lady sitting next to me was more than willing to keep my two-year old entertained while I nursed my baby. Many airlines also offer family boarding so you can have a little more time to get everyone situated on the airplane.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. We truly enjoy flying with our children. It can be fun and you get where you are going much faster than driving!

Kristen Beggs loves to travel with her family. She lives and writes in Midland, Texas.

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