First Toys for Babies

First Toys for BabiesWhen I had my daughter, I wasn’t really sure what to buy for her as far as toys go. I wasn’t really aware that she would even care about toys at such a young age. During a baby’s first months they can’t sit up or really grasp anything, but there are some toys that your baby can still enjoy.

Play mat: Babies need tummy time and the time you spend on the floor bonding with baby is a huge benefit to them. I suggest investing in a nice playmat. We went with the cheap version both times. This is something I regret. Before baby can grasp a toy, he or she may bat at one or learn to pull down the music string on the play mat. Look for a colorful mat with different interactive, soft toys. In my opinion, the more toys on the play mat, the better.

Musical toys: This Baby Einstein toy has been the best for us. It has colorful lights and plays a few different classical songs to entertain baby. Just be careful. It’s a little heavy for baby to hold. You can always just use your IPhone and download a music app. Music is great for entertaining baby, but it also soothes and calms baby and momma down.

Soft Books: Babies enjoy momma and daddy’s faces. Spend time reading to even the smallest of your children. The interaction is priceless. Soft books like this one from Taggies are what we have used. The mirror on the front is a bonus toy. Babies love to see their reflections.

Toys with Tags: Babies love tags. My son, Levi, has a monkey that he adores. My 2-year-old daughter still plays with the tag on her Teddy. These small toys from Dandelion are perfect for baby’s small hands. Soft blankets with tags or soft dolls with tags are great first toys.

Rattles and Shakers: Find one that is colorful and soft for baby like this one from Dandelion. Allow baby to hold the rattle and shake away! I always have a small rattle in my diaper bag. It’s the perfect go-to toy for a fussy baby in the car or if we need something to entertain Levi in a restaurant.

Teethers: Oh teething! It’s not fun for baby or momma. Luckily, there are a variety of teething toys out there to help soothe baby and make playtime fun. Chewbeads makes colorful, fun teethers for baby. They also make necklaces for momma to wear that double as a fashion accessory and teething toy.

So, momma, what have you used as a first toy for your baby? Enjoy the simplicity of baby toys. Soon they will be playing with Legos and Barbies.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of 2 in Northeast Indiana. She loves to play with her kids, but she wishes she had a bigger house for all of their toys.

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