Finding Time for Nap Time

Making Time for NapsI can’t be the only one: Nap time is my jam. Like, there are few things in the world I like more than nap time. Nap time was kind of a pain to have to carve out each day when I had one baby (but oh so worth it), but then I went and had another baby.

My kids were spaced enough that once my younger boy was an infant and on a fairly regular sleep schedule, he still required way more nap time during the day than my older son. And my older son, cute as he is, had an ever-growing amount of energy that made tiptoeing around the house each day during his baby brother’s naptimes not really a reasonable request

How to juggle it? Here are my super sacred rules for nap time:

  1. Whatever you do, DON’T SKIP NAP TIME! Seriously. Don’t. I know things come up like impromptu doctor visits, but if at all possible, put them down for a nap. If you have more than one child and your infant will sleep in her infant car seat, maaaaaybe you can sometimes plan things for your older child(ren) during the morning nap time. Sometimes.
  2. Naps at the same time are also crucial. Kids are creatures of habit. I once made the tragic mistake of scheduling one of my boys for kindermusik where the class time encroached on his first nap time. Never again. Half the classes ended in hysterics (on both our parts).
  3. Try and get your kids on the same nap schedule. Perhaps your older child is down to one afternoon nap a day. You can make slow adjustments to your younger child’s nap schedule if you need to align their afternoon nap time. When my younger son was napping frequently, his afternoon nap time didn’t quite line up to my older son’s, so I bumped back the time I put him down a little each day until they matched.
  4. If at all possible, no sharing of nap spaces! Even if your kiddos can share a bedroom at night, try to find a separate spot for nap time. Pack n’plays are excellent helpers in this case.
  5. Don’t try to enforce total silence during nap time. Your younger child will learn to sleep through minor disturbances, and your older child will still get to have fun while his younger sibling saws logs.


Meaghan Howard is a mom to two little boys, ages 3 and 6. She’s currently enjoying the expat life in Japan.

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One Response to “Finding Time for Nap Time”

  1. Kate says:

    Our nap time noise rule is “You don’t have to whisper but you can’t scream.”