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Post Partum Fashion


After your little bundle of joy arrives your realize how beautiful and magical babies and childbirth can be. But recovery can be a shock sometimes. At three months postpartum, you may still look pregnant, you have circles and bags under your eyes that have their own circles and bags, your skin is a mess, you don’t remember your last decent shower, and nothing fits you properly.

So what do you do? Sure, we all deserve to dress comfy and have bad hair days, but some days we want to feel gorgeous–and it’s not as hard as you might think. I have some outfits and products you can throw on and feel like the hot mama you are without a ton of prep time.

My number one postpartum secret is a good, thick, higher-waisted pair of black leggings. They’re going to be a staple and an excellent, forgiving foundation to your PP wardrobe.

Most of us are still rocking a PP belly months (or years) after our kiddos are born. That’s why a forgiving tunic top or something with strategic ruching can be your new best friends. You can find tops like these at all price points, but the examples at the top are great at camouflaging bumps and lumps. These will also work perfectly with your foundation leggings.

Number two, make sure you’re accentuating your waist. Fit and flare dresses, or belting a top around your smallest part will really define your figure and give you a nice curvy look. Some moms might feel like they want tighter fitting clothes, and if you do rock it. I know I was just partial to tops that gave me a little fabric to forgive.

A great pair of boots or flats will really make you feel put together. You may not enjoy shopping for your PP body sometimes, but shoes will always fit.

Along those same lines, a great crossbody bag is something all moms need. It’s easy to throw on and it can give you a little bit of coverage if you want it.



As for beauty, there are some super easy double-duty beauty products that are perfect for new moms. First, dry shampoo is the love of my life. Sprinkle it in and let it set while you finish your makeup. Then brush through, and you can fake a shower like nobody’s business. It makes your hair look clean and gives you a bit of volume.

Second is BB cream. BB cream is beauty balm. It usually has SPF, and gives a good amount of coverage while also benefiting your skin. It’s also easy to put on and you can do it in a sleep-induced haze. Third, cheek-and-lip stain. This product does double duty acting as both a blush and lip color to give your skin a little boost.

Fourth, using a whitish pink pencil around your eyes will make your eyes appear like you got more than two hours of sleep. You also will feel instantly glamourous when you put on a great waterproof mascara that won’t run if you get hit by a case of the PP sobs brought on by a sweet Cheerios commercial or a tricky nursing session.

All moms are beautiful, even if you don’t feel like it right now. Hopefully you can find a dress, shirt, bag, or pair of shoes that makes you feel special and remember that even though you have a newborn, you can still be a fashionable, confident woman.

Allison Klaine is a fashionable, confident mom of two who lives and writes in Indiana.  

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