Fan Photo Friday: Family Summer Vacations

Summer is officially coming to an end as cooler weather approaches and kids are starting back in school. However I thought it would be fun to share pictures of our summer family adventures before fully accepting the end of a lovely summer and moving into Fall!

Here is Ashley on a day trip to Newport, OR to celebrate her birthday; looks like an awesome birthday celebration! I  simply adore nature babywearing pics. Babywearing allows baby to go to special, beautiful places in nature that would be too difficult to navigate with a stroller and that would hurt your back and arms to try to carry baby the whole way. As Ashely said “this hike was made possible by babywearing”.  She also shared that this was the BEST birthday trip ever and it was only an hour away from home. Thanks for showing that you don’t have to go far or spend lots of money to have great summer time adventures! Oh and Happy Belated Birthday to you Ashley! 🙂



I love this next picture of Aubrey traveling solo with her two children. What does a mama do when she realizes her connecting flight is WAY on the other side of a large airport and needs to shuffle a two month old, two year old, and a backpack there all by herself in time to make the connection? She gets clever and improvises with one kid in a Front Cross Carry and the other in a ring sling…way to go Aubrey!! I bet all the other passengers stopped to do a double take! Did you get the comment: “boy, you have your hands full”? Which is when you hold up your hands and say “actually they are quite free!”

Here is Nicole and THREE and HALF year old Max visiting Yosemite. Max looks pretty comfy in their Boba from Moms Milk Boutique! Nicole calls this “Preschoolwearing”. Love it!!

This next photo is of Rebekah’s 5 year old Alexis wearing her 7 month old brother Brycen while at church camp! Alexis wanted to try it on like mommy… babywearing sibling photos are so awesome!

The next few photos are from Jolene who braved a week long camping trip with her troop. She even brought along some flat diapers for her sweetie pie to use. Kudos to mamas who cloth diaper while camping!


Here is Megan’s 3 year old daughter with her Auntie wading near the pier on Catalina. I have always wanted to go there!!

Brigitta and her family took a road trip to Crossville, TN. Looks like a great trip! Check out the amazing tree house they visited…and that cow print fluffy tush is too cute!!

This next Moms Milk Boutique mama’s summer trips involve staying close to home. They save money that way and enjoy their own community for all it offers. Here they are at the Town Center they very first time she wore her wee one in a back carry in their organic ErgoBaby Carrier.

My own family has been enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains for the past 6 weeks, soaking up as much outdoor time as we can! Here’s a few photos from a recent hike. There were tons of huge boulders to climb along the way.  The top of the mountain was a little kid’s haven with the log bridges to cross and small river to splash in. Our BobaAir makes the perfect hiking companion for my toddler who likes to get down frequently to explore with his big brothers. Hiking with kids has been a huge life lesson to slow down and enjoy the journey.  During pre-kid hikes I was so focused on reaching the summit, I would often miss the beauty along the way. Now with kids it seems we stop every few minutes because there is always an interesting discovery to explore and appreciate!

Thanks everyone for sharing your summer adventures with us! This week’s winner is Aubrey with her tandem babywearing at the airport photo! 25 Milk Miles headed your way!!

Alrighty, ready for next week’s assignment? How about some SILLY SIBLING photos? Email a picture of your kidlets hamming it up together in that special way that siblings do to by Thursday, August 31 CST. Then check back on Friday, August 31 for some fun photos that are guarenteed to make you chuckle! Remember the winner gets 25 Milk Miles added to their Moms Milk Boutique account.


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