Fan Photo Friday: Diaper Stash

Welcome to our very first FAN PHOTO FRIDAY! Today’s topic is “Show off your stash!”. We had some awesome photos submitted by some awesome mamas! Check them out…

This is Jolene’s stash…pretty impressive, huh? Not just due to the number of diapers, but the organization of it is incredible too! She’s says her stash is “proudly displayed in my living room for everyone to see.” Which totally made me chuckle…I would LOVE walking into a friend’s house and seeing this wonderful display of fluff, wouldn’t you?

This is Rebecca’s stash. She describes herself as a “tried and true FLIP stash mama”. Don’t you just love the celebration of cloth in her backyard with the Tibetan diaper flags? So cool! 🙂

This is Amanda’s stash. She calls her stash “tiny” and is hoping to grow her stash soon (aren’t we all! 😉 ). I think it’s an awesome stash and love all the prefolds. Such a great diaper choice!

This is Megan’s stash. Her sweet little monkey fell asleep before she could snap of photo of him with his colorful diaper stash so she improvised with a stuffed monkey.  Can’t help but smile at this goofy little monkey surrounded by RumpaRooz!

And here’s my stash…yes, I’m keeping it real for you mamas with a snapshot of my dirty diapers! Haha! This is what my stash actually looks like most of the time.

Or else it looks like this:

Occasionally (such as the one time I wrote a blog post about diaper storage solutions) it looks like this:

Thanks a bunch to the mamas who sent in photos of their stash to share! It’s fun to see a variety of stashes because it provides readers and prospective cloth diapering families a feel for how to make cloth diapering work for them! Some families have a rather eclectic stash and others find a favorite and stick to it.

Alright now it’s time to start collecting pictures for next week’s Fan Photo Friday!  And because I have a serious case of baby fever over here, I would love to see some cutie patootie newborn babywearing photos. Anyone have a favorite picture of themselves (or their partner) wearing their wee little baby? If so email it to by Thursday, May 24 and include any information you want shared such as age of baby, type of carrier, location, etc.  Then be sure to check back on Friday, May 25 to see some serious cuteness guaranteed to make you go “aaawwwww!”.


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2 Responses to “Fan Photo Friday: Diaper Stash”

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow! Some people really have a LOT of diapers! I only have 8 covers and 24 prefolds… I need to get shopping! lol I have 3 Weehuggers (LOVE them!!) and 5 Flips (my 2nd fave) and all GMD prefolds. Very happy with my stash.

  2. Mary says:

    Aww man, totally wish I had gotten mine in now! I had diapers on the couch in a pile and in a basket for 2 days waiting to be folded! I could have joined you in keeping it real! Loved seeing the stash!!