Fan Photo Friday: Crafty Mamas!!!

I am feeling quite inspired by all the craftiness found here…check it out!

This little doll (called a Luckum) was knitted by Melissa. She even made the pattern by herself! 🙂

My boys LOVED this next photo submitted by Allie. Here’s what she says about it, “These are finger puppets I made for our nephew’s birthday a few years ago (he was turning six); we were poor and in grad school, with not a lot of money to play around with that year.  Might’ve been just as fun for me to make them as for him to get them?!  My nephew’s part of a long line of Star Wars fans–his family’s basement is filled with toys and collectibles.  The puppets are made from felt and glue (Darth Vader’s made from a lawn/leaf garbage bag); I made the patterns myself, but based them on a little felt Yoda I’d seen online as inspiration.  They provided a FANTASTIC break from working on my thesis, at the very least!”. I bet her nephew loved it! Handmade gifts are my favorite.

The next SIX photos were all submitted by one awesome mama who knits, crochets, sews, makes jam, spins yarn, and makes jewlery! Quite a list, huh? Thanks Mallory for sharing your many talents with us! I especially love the skeleton bride and groom.

Heather makes these beautiful hairbows. Makes me wish I had a little girl to indulge in all things pink and fluffy!

I love me some handmade soap! Feels like such a luxurious way to pamper myself. 🙂 Lisa enjoys making handmade soaps and as an added bonus her hobby allows her to stay home with her babies.

Britini made this dress from fabric remnants which makes it extra special because it’s mama-made AND green by using left over fabric. Way to go mama! 🙂

Erica met these cloth diapering mamas in a due date group on cafemom in Feb 2011. She made these matching “Little Miss  Sunshine” dresses for a recent meet -up they had in Hutto,Texas. How fun! And cute!!

Here’s another uber-crafty mama in the group. The next SIX pictures are from Charlotte. I especially love the play pillow she made as it was clearly designed to engage baby and stimulate development.


Rebecca made this amazing bookshelf/toy box/chalkboard. I love a mama who knows how to use power tools! And handmade, custom furniture is the BEST!

Not only does Rebecca know how to use power tools, she also knows her way around the kitchen. Check out this adorable birthday cake she made!

Lastly here are a few photos from my largest project to date; building a house with my hubby! Someday I would love to share that story with you all. 🙂

So many awesome photos! Thanks everyone for sharing your craftiness with us. This week’s winner is Allie with her low-budget, creative birthday present for her nephew…25 Milk Miles are headed your way Allie!

 Alrighty ready for next week’s Fan Photo Friday? Recently every time I see a pregnant woman, I get that little “awwww!” feeling. 🙂  I would love to see some belly shots from you all! Anyone want to share theirs with us? If so, send a belly shot to by midnight CST Thursday, July 19. Then on Friday July 20 we will enjoy the beautiful bellies of all our Mom’s Milk Boutique mamas! :)  Don’t forget that the winner gets 25 Milk Miles!

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