Fan Photo Friday: Baltic Amber Jewelry

Ready to see some adorable babies sporting their Baltic Amber Jewelry? And hear first hand experiences from parents just like you about the effectiveness of Amber? Read on!

Meet sweet 4 month old baby girl Natiley. She has been wearing her Amber necklace for the past month and her parents definitely notice a difference if she doesn’t wear her necklace.

Meet cutie pie Elena. This picture was taken at the Great Cloth Diaper Change at Mom’s Milk Boutique on 4.23.2011 when she was 9 months old. It was then and there that her parents purchased a Baltic Amber Necklace. They put it on Elena at her first signs of drool and fussiness. They report that it helped instantly with both!  In fact they didn’t even realize when she cut her first 2 teeth!  Even now as she approaches two years old she still wears her Amber necklace and misses it when it’s not on.

This is little Brandon at 6 months enjoying a silly moment during Tummy Time with his Baltic Amber necklace!! His mom says that she finds if he’s getting consistently fussy all she has to do is put his necklace on for a couple days and his mood is noticeably different. While he’s pretty much a perfect baby as it is, any help is welcomed!

Meet Jack at 2.5 months old. His sweet smile is rather contagious! His mom says he’s just an overall happier baby with his Amber necklace on!

Meet Sara’s children. Sara shares, “My son always had a horrible time teething. We got him his necklace just in time for his 2 yr molars and what a huge difference it made. He only had a day or two where he needed Tylenol!  Extraordinary product!” She goes on to say that, “My daughter has been wearing her necklace since she was 4 weeks old. She got her first 2 teeth at 4 months. The first one came through without me even knowing she was teething. She has had no pain with teething!” I love hearing such rave review for Amber!

Here’s Ronan, age 10 months, expressing his opinion on bedtime. His necklace seems to help him deal with discomfort from teething and mosquito bites, though apparently doesn’t ease the pain of going to bed. 🙂

*Please note that Mom’s Milk Boutique recommends that jewelry should be removed whenever the child is sleeping or unattended by an adult.

This adorable, smiling baby is Connor. He’s wearing his Baltic Amber necklace from Mom’s Milk Boutique at 9 months old. He will be 1 next week, on 7/11 (Happy FIRST Birthday Connor) and already has 6 teeth! The necklace helped out a ton with teething. Mom says that he didn’t cry much or fuss, and that she usually didn’t know a tooth was coming through until she’d see it. Even while cutting teeth, he was just his normal happy self.

This is Jolene’s 3 month old baby girl showing off her Amber jewelry!

Bennett, at age 8 months, loves his Baltic Amber! He reports that he’s less fussy and sleeps better at night! He thinks he looks nice in his necklace too. His momma couldn’t agree more!

Meet little Maddie at 8 months old.  Moms says “We love that her Baltic Amber necklace has helped make teething easier. Plus she gets compliments all the time about her cute jewelry!”.

And here’s my little guy at 14 months wearing not one, but TWO amber necklaces while enjoying some hummus at a picnic. We have enjoyed the healing properties of Amber in our family for several years now. Even I wear one on a daily basis.  

Thanks to everyone who shared their Baltic Amber photos and success stories with us! This week’s winner of the 25 Milk Miles is Connor in honor of his FIRST birthday! Maybe his mama can get him something a little extra special for his birthday from Mom’s Milk Boutique with her extra milk miles!

Alright, next week’s Fan Photo Friday assignment is for all you crafty mamas! I adore anything hand made and would love to see something YOU have made! If you knit, sew, woodwork, paint, make jewelry, blow glass, or do some other craft I have never even heard of, I want to see your work! Send a photo of something you made to by midnight CST Thursday, July 12. Then on Friday July 13 we will showcase the many talents of our Mom’s Milk Boutique mamas! 🙂 Don’t forget that the winner gets 25 Milk Miles!

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  1. Emily says:

    Hooray we got some more milk miles! Thanks so much! And, all the pictures are super adorable!