Fan Photo Friday: Babywearing Daddy

Dads who wear their babies totally and completely rock! Check out some of the awesome Mom’s Milk Boutique daddies wearing their wee ones….

Here’s Scott wearing his four month old son, Landry, in an ERGObaby carrier. According to Landry’s Mommy this is why she can’t replace their old ERGO with a pretty new girlie-print carrier….although kind of a good reason if you ask me. 😉

Here’s another awesome Daddy wearing his 9 month old in a Cat’s Meow along with his four year old daughter wearing her baby doll in a homemade mei tei in dinosaur print. They are ready for a walk around the neighborhood…no strollers needed! 🙂

Here the same daddy wearing his four month old in a Cat’s Meow Mei Tai while washing the dishes…Go daddy!! And No, he’s not available for rent. 😉

Here’s 6 month old Joey on his daddy’s back during a long hike at 7 Falls in Colorado Springs, CO. What a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful views! Another awesome benefit to babywearing is the ability to take baby to places in nature where strollers would not be a feasible option.

Here’s a 15 year old big brother wearing his 34lb, three year old little sister in a Boba during a family vacation to Dollywood….awwww, a daddy-t0-be in training! And look at how comfy little sister is. Love it! <3

Here’s the same Boba on the same family vacation to Dollywood, only this time it’s daddy wearing their 3 month old. Mom says she cannot live without her Boba and that it got hours and hours of use during their six day Dollywood vacation. Babywearing and vacation are a great match for sure! 🙂

And here’s my hubby on a recent family hike…he actually walked most of the way back down the trail carrying the boys like that, lol!

The winner of this week’s Fan Photo Friday is (drum roll please…) 6 month old Joey on his daddy’s back! 25 Milk Miles will be added to his mama’s MMB account….yippie!

Okay ready for next week’s Fan Photo Friday assignment? Let’s celebrate mama’s milk with some nursing photos! Send your Favorite Nursing Photo to photo to by Thursday, June 21. Be sure to include any information you want shared such as age of nursling, significance of photo, etc. Then check back on Friday, June 22 to enjoy a celebration of mama’s milk through a collection of nursing photos! Winner gets 25 Milk Miles deposited into their account. 🙂

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