Fall Activities for Toddlers

Fall Toddler ActivitiesAs the weather cools down for fall, it can take a bit more planning to keep our toddlers busy. There are still a lot of great outdoor activities in the fall though and some great indoor ones as well. I’ve compiled a round-up of some of the fall activities we have been enjoying this year.

A Nature Walk (and scavenger hunt)

Fall is the perfect time to check out local nature trails or wildlife preserves. The cooler weather makes a walk more pleasant and all the falling leaves, acorns, walnuts and other fall “treasures” can help keep your toddler interested. To make it even more fun, print off a picture list of fall treasures that your toddler can help find on your nature adventure.

If you haven’t been hiking in your area before, use EveryTrail to find a trail near you. It’s best to go the trail alone before you take a toddler along, but if you can’t, handicap-accessible trails are usually very kid-friendly.

Fruit Picking

This might vary depending on what area of the country you live in, but where we live this is the perfect time of year to go apple picking. I love that I can just let my toddler munch on an apple while we pick. All that delicious fruit keeps moods cheerful long enough to get a big basket of apples loaded up. Usually the apple trees are kept trimmed well and it is easy for a toddler to find an apple to pick on their own. PickYourOwn.org has a list of Pick-Your-Own farms by state.

Apple Print Painting

Once you are home with your apples, use one or two to make some toddler friendly art. Cut the apple in half to make an apple shape print, or get really creative and cut some shapes into your apple half before you use it as a stamp.

Bake Together

It’s never too early to get your kids involved in the kitchen, and fall is the perfect time to bake. Bake something with apples and let your toddler fill the measuring cup with fruit. Bake cookies and let your toddler help roll balls of cookie dough. Bake bread and let your toddler learn how to knead a piece of dough.

Petting Zoo or Nature Center

Fall is such a great time to go to your local zoo or nature center. Many of these have discounted entrance costs in the fall and the cooler weather makes it much more enjoyable to walk the grounds and see the animals.

Hopefully these give you some great ideas to make some awesome memories with your toddler this fall!

Becca Schwartz is a cloth diapering, baby wearing, semi-crunchy mama to a toddler girl and baby boy. She and her husband have a small mini-farm with a flock of chickens, a few goats, and rabbits, and are making plans to move out west to start a homesteading adventure together!

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