Earth Day Celebrations!

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb

Sunday, April 22 is EARTH DAY! While many of us live an eco-friendly lifestyle year round, it’s great to have a day specifically set aside to celebrate our wonderful Mother Earth and remind us to treat her gently and lovingly.

What are the origins of Earth Day?

Earth Day was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 out of his growing concern for the environment. He thought a day in recognition of the Earth would help raise awareness for environment causes across the nation. It would unite people from all walks of life to come together to nurture and care for Mother Nature. 32 years later his vision is still alive and even growing in momentum as we become increasingly aware of our need to preserve the Earth for future generations.

What are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day?

Even if everyday is Earth Day in your home, it can be fun to be a part of a collective celebration to honor our environment! Be sure to check your local area for public events you can participate in throughout the weekend. For cloth diapering mamas one fun event this weekend happening all around the WORLD is the Great Cloth Diaper Change.

Here are some simple ideas of ways to include your little ones in celebrating Earth Day:

  • take a walk around your neighborhood or go to your local park to collect and dispose of any trash on the ground
  • plant a tree or a seed of any kind
  • read library books together about the earth or environment
  • have children help sort recyclables
  • spend time in nature…go for a hike or bike ride to observe the abundant beauty all around
  • go for a picnic and pack a completely zero waste lunch
  • replace something disposable by investing in a re-usable environmentally friendly option for your family. For example ditch the disposable water bottles and purchase a high quality re-usable water bottles. Or now is a great time to switch from disposable wipes to cloth wipes
  • when shopping be sure bring your own bags with you
  • walk or ride your bike to run any errands that are close to home
  • make dinner from organic, locally grown food
  • replace something in your home with a more energy efficient option…even something as small as a light bulb can make a difference.
  • install a clothesline so you can hang dry your clothes and cloth diapers
  • walk around outdoors barefoot to feel your body connect directly with the Earth
  • before disposing of anything consider if it could be re-used, re-purposed, recycled, or donated
  • volunteer for a local organization or cause dedicated to spreading environmental awareness and sustainable living
  • go unplugged this weekend…ditch the TV, computer, and video games and enjoy the simple gifts from Mother Nature such as sunshine and fresh air

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world. ~John Muir


Our weekend plans include a trip to the park on Friday where we will be cleaning up any garbage, attending the Great Cloth Diaper Change on Saturday, and going on a family hike/picnic on Sunday. How will your family celebrate Earth Day this weekend? 🙂


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