Dust off your Crock Pot and Get Ready to be Inspired!

A friend of mine shared this photo with me. She spent $350 and 4 hours putting together 40 crock-pot meals for her family of 6! Check it out:

She is a full time working mama of 4 busy boys. Coming home in the evenings after work, sports practices, school events, etc made dinner time kind of hectic for them. Being the resourceful mama she is, she made a plan that would allow for more quality family time in the evenings AND save them money. A trip to the grocery store and a few hours later, she has healthy, ready-made, meals to throw in her crock-pot in the morning. And will come home in the evening to a yummy smelling, home-made, family dinner …FOR 40 NIGHTS! I am in serious awe!

She shared a few tips:

  • Select 20 recipes and double them. This cuts down on the initial meal planning and prep time.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to buy in bulk. Do so and take full advnatage of the savings.
  • Clearly label each bag, including any extra that need to be added at the end of cook time such as rice, noodles, etc.
  • Use a food processor to assist with all that chopping.
  • Use pintrest to find crockpot recipes that freeze well. My friend did a trial run with a few to ensure they would taste yummy once thawed.

After chatting with my friend about this, I know exactly what I am asking for for my birthday this month…a family sized crock-pot! 😉 Yep, believe or not I have never actually used a crock-pot. Although now I am super eager to try something like this for my family. What about you? 🙂

Do you use a crock pot to simplify family dinners? Any tips, suggestions, or links to share? Would love to hear from YOU!


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3 Responses to “Dust off your Crock Pot and Get Ready to be Inspired!”

  1. Lyn says:

    W love our crock-pot! It has been a life saver sometimes. I used it yesterday as a matter of fact. I made pineapple pork roast. Not sure if all of the ingredients would freeze the best and all. Maybe I will have to try it out with the second roast I bought (Love BOGOs). 🙂 One of my fav. crock meals is rainbow chili.
    ground beef, and then cans of peas, corn, carrots, beans, and whatever else you like. We vary the colors of the ingredients and love it when it is done cooking. A little liquid smoke goes very well in this recipe as well.

  2. Michelle K. says:

    Wow! Hard to believe you’ve never used a crock pot. I have three & use mine at least twice a week. I really should do this for 40 meals.

  3. Yvonne says:

    I have use my crockpot a lot. I have wanted to do that make meals and freeze them. I notice when I use the crockpot we eat more vegtables.