DIY Nursing Station

IMG_0446When you nurse a baby, it can feel like a full-time job. Night feedings, cluster feeding, newborns and the learning curve of breastfeeding can all take a toll on moms. Sometimes, you may feel like you sit in the same position or spot in your home for hours each day. It’s a great idea to have a nursing station in your home.

This nursing station doesn’t have to be fancy, expensive, or incredibly obvious to others. It just needs to be personal, effective, and meaningful to you. Here’s how to do a DIY nursing station.

First of all, you need a location. Where do you nurse most often in your home? For me, it is the love seat in the living room. My daughter and husband are usually curled up on the couch, so the love seat is my territory. Choose a spot that you can go to day or night easily and not have to worry about others moving out of the way.

Next, choose a box or small chest that you can use to store your goodies. I have used a black ottoman with a lid for mine. It isn’t anything too fancy. It came from Target, but I have gotten every dollar out of it. It just appears to be a regular ottoman, but there are several goodies inside.

Here are some things to consider putting into your nursing station:

Bottled water: We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water while nursing. Drinking water keeps you healthy and helps with milk production. Keep a few bottles in your kit or near your seat for when you are thirsty.

Books or Magazines: I enjoy having something to do while I’m nursing. My phone and Facebook don’t always interest me. Sometimes, it’s nice to have People magazine or Parent’s Magazine by me to entertain me. If you love to read, put a favorite book in the kit.

Nipple Butter: I couldn’t live without Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter. This stuff got me through the early days and still continues to help me as I’m dealing with the issue of biting when my son nurses.

Phone Charger: You may need this handy just in case. Life doesn’t go on pause while you’re busy with baby, and sometimes it’s a good time to make a call if you need to.

Pillow: Every momma wants to be comfortable while feeding their baby. Keep one in your kit to put behind your neck or back, or keep your nursing pillow here.

Toys for Older Siblings: My daughter was just under 2 when my son was born, so I needed toys to entertain her during those long nursing sessions. I kept puzzles, coloring books, crayons, and books in the kit. That way, she would have something special to look at while I was tending to baby brother. I could also have her snuggle up next to me and listen to me read her a story, as well.

Nursing Cover or Blanket: I kept an Aiden + Anais blanket in my nursing kit for when I had visitors or friends over. It’s always nice to have the option to cover yourself up or make baby feel more comfortable if he’s distracted, chilly, or needs a swaddle.

So, as you can see, your nursing station is unique to you and your needs. We all love our babies and nursing is a wonderful gift we can give them. But, we could all also use some comfort, entertainment, or resources handy while feeding. Nurse away momma, and remember to be prepared and comfortable!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two from Northeast Indiana where she lives, writes, and nurses every day. 

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One Response to “DIY Nursing Station”

  1. Amy Perkins says:

    I have a nursing basket next to my bed.I highly recommend keeping snacks. THose long nights of cluster nursing will leave you hungry. Also, chap stick and lotion are a MUST. I think doing a basket full of this stuff is hands down the best gift you can give a momma with a brand new nursling!