How to Treat Diaper Rash with Cloth Diapers

I switched to cloth diapers with my first child at 2 years old due to a severe diaper rash. Sure enough it cleared up, and I thought cloth worked miracles on all rashes.

Elizabeth takes Rash care very seriously.

Fast forward a few years, and now I also have an amazing little girl who is the queen of diaper rash, cloth or no. Every time she starts cutting a tooth, a rash appears. Every time she poops, a rash appears. Eats blueberries? You got it, a rash appears.

At first, I was so overwhelmed by all the products out there to treat rashes. By now, we’ve used just about every kind of diaper cream and home remedy for diaper rash, and I have my own advice and go-to products that I count on to clear up diapers rash.

When it comes to diaper rashes, prevention is important. My favorite product for prevention and treatment is unrefined coconut oil. It has a ton of uses beyond diaper rashes, too. When out and about I love to have CJ’s Spritz O’ Butter in my diaper bag.

Knowing what caused the rash—general wetness versus yeast invasion–will also help effectively treat it. There are lots of cloth-safe products that are also made with natural ingredients. My favorites are:

  • Episencial Soothing Cream: I am always amazed how quickly this takes away the redness.
  • CJ’s Spritz O’ Butter: This helps soothe the irritation and treat the rash without having to touch the area, a big plus on a squirmy, wiggling baby. It also comes in a yeast formula.
  • Delish Naturals Yum Bum Butter: This comes in delicious scents and is made with great ingredients. I love it for my lips too, but I suggest different tub for that purpose.
  • Motherlove Diaper Rash & Thrush: It provides a quick and effective treatment against yeast.

In addition to the creams on the market, there are also lots of home remedies for cure and prevention:

  • Breast milk:Great to treat all kinds of rashes.

    When dealing with a rash we often use flats without a cover to allow more air to hit the area.

  • Coconut Oil: Easy to find and very effective and simple for rashes.
  • Raw Apple Cider Vinegar: Use it in your LO’s bath water, and in wipe solution to kill yeast, other bad bacteria, and soothe the skin. We use RACV in the bath water at least once a week when there is no rash and daily with a rash.
  • Tea Tree Oil (TTO), lavender oil, Grapefruit seed extract (GSE): These are the most common oils used in wipe solution and diaper creams to prevent and treat diaper rash. TTO and GSE have been shown to effectively treat yeast. I always have a tub of these three oils blended with coconut oil.
  • Probiotics: Taken daily, these will help control yeast.
  • Probiotic powder and water: Make a paste and you can apply this as a cream.
  • Air: Always allow the diaper area to dry and get in lots of diaper-free time.

These are all great ideas for when you feel you have things under control. But if the rash won’t go away, it’s bleeding, or causes baby pain, you might want to get it checked out. As always, other moms and your gut instinct are great indicators of when to seek help for a rash or yeast issues.

Jolene Palmer is a cloth diapering, baby and toddler wearing, breastfeeding, super crunchy SAHM to 2 DS’s and 1 DD. She lives on her tiny (but growing) farm in Pennsylvania with her amazing husband and kids. She loves visiting and rubbing all her crunchy off on her sister in Florida.  


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