Why I Choose to Cover

Why I choose to coverWhen I was pregnant with my first baby, I dreamt of nursing in public, baring it all and joining in the Nurse-Ins I had heard so much about. Yet as my first little guy came into being, and once I adjusted into my new role of mom I found that this was not for me. I loved nursing, I loved being out in public with my baby, yet nursing completely openly was something I never felt comfortable with.

Besides my babies being extremely distracted in public, my biggest unease about nursing in public had to do with modesty. I never felt comfortable nursing while out and about. Even with a baby blocking most of the view, I felt exposed, and the more I stressed over it the less milk I would give my babe. Amidst my uneasiness, I found myself reaching for my beautiful nursing cover more and more.

Even at home, if anyone is visiting my house other than another nursing mother, I prefer to cover up or leave the room. I do not feel it is respectful to my guests to nurse in front of them unless there is a blanket over us. My baby needs the privacy, and I do not like to make my guests uncomfortable by baring my breasts to nurse. While this may seem odd in today’s “it’s my right” society, my upbringing keeps me from being comfortable with it.

Babies, as they grow and become mobile, become more and more acrobatic as they nurse. Currently at nine months old, my littlest guy is more octopus than baby when he nurses. Even when he’s sleepy he pops on and off, talks, grunts, kicks and likes to release his frustrations at the breast. I enjoy these moments as a conversation between us–not to be shared with the general public. My baby and I have this special bond of nursing, and by keeping it private between us I believe I make him feel safe and important. At the moment of nursing, it is just him and I in the moment, taking a breather to reconnect.

Today, three babies into my mothering journey, I find that I love my nursing cover and am rarely without it or a thin muslin blanket to cover up with. My baby loves his covers, and I feel very connected to the privacy and respect it offers me. While baring it all is quite popular, for me and my little ones keeping it in is the way to go.

Pia Watzig is a stay at home mom to three crazy boys who keep her laughing and on her toes. She attempts to stay sane in Portland, Oregon.


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One Response to “Why I Choose to Cover”

  1. Branda Nelson says:

    Can I just say, I LOVE this article. Not because I agree with her decision, but because she only talked about why SHE covers. That is what it’s all about! If you feel more comfortable covering, I totally support that. If you feel more comfortable nursing in a “mother’s room” or at home because it’s what YOU want to do, more power to you! She chose to cover because it was what she wanted, not because she felt guilted into covering. And she didn’t go into any negative judgemental opinions of other mothers. Well written article!