Chewbeads: Jewelry for You and Baby

IMG_1447I am not a super girlie-girl. I like earrings and an occasional necklace. Most of the time, necklaces just annoy me, especially if my baby likes to put them in his mouth. Then, I discovered Chewbeads, which entertain your little one and make you look fashionable.

When I wear my Chewbeads, I feel like I am put together. I feel pretty. I also know that my son will be safe if he decides to chew on them, or if he wants to play with them while nursing.

I’ve tried a couple different kinds of mommy necklaces and these are by far my favorite. Here are some of my favorite things about Chewbeads.

  • The Colors: Chewbeads come in a variety of fun, bright colors. You can get a necklace in a single color or one with several colors. I have white, red, and pink. I love bright colors and they are easy to match with whatever I am wearing.
  • The Choices: If you don’t like necklaces, Chewbeads also has other products. I recently bought a bangle bracelet. It’s pink and glows in the dark. How cool is that!  My daughter loves it. Chewbeads also makes stacker teething toys if you prefer to have something that your little one can hold. These sporty ones are my favorite and on my list of things I need for Levi.  If your baby takes a pacifier, they also have adorable pacifier clips. This one in a butterfly pattern is sweet for a little girl.
  • The Options: The necklaces come in several different designs. I have stuck with the “Jane” design which is one single color and a single strand of beads. The stackers, bangles, and teething toys come in several varieties, as well. There is something for everyone. Chewbeads also makes a Chewbeads Jr. necklace for little girls.
  • The Safety for Baby: Chewbeads are make of 100% silicone and the necklaces feature a breakaway clasp for baby’s safety.
  • The Ease: You can stick Chewbeads in the dishwasher or clean them with a mild dish soap.

My son is easily distracted while nursing and these necklaces have saved us. He loves playing with them. If he is cranky in the car, I can give him my necklace to entertain him or a teether toy. I definitely plan on trying more Chewbeads out in the future. Have you tried them yet, momma?

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two in Northeast Indiana where she lives, writes, and wears colorful Chewbeads. 

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