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Awesome Gifts for Pregnant Women

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

awesome gifts for pregnant womenIf a woman on your Christmas list is pregnant this year, you may find yourself having a difficult time shopping for her. Typical gifts often are not ideal for a pregnant woman. Our clothing size is ever changing and will continue to change post-baby. So steer clear of clothes or items to remind her she is getting bigger with every Christmas cookie she eats.

To help you find the perfect gift for the expectant mama on your shopping list, I have found several great items that I want to share with you. Here are some awesome gifts for pregnant women!

I love these compression socks from Vim and Vigr. There are so many fun patterns to choose from. Wearing compression socks during pregnancy can help prevent swelling, help support good blood flow, and prevent annoying leg cramps. These socks are also just perfect for after baby is born. I know with my previous pregnancies the swelling came on much worst after the baby was born. And who doesn’t want to wear pretty socks while hanging out at home or in the hospital snuggling your new bundle of joy!

awesome gifts for pregnant womenWhile on the topic of swelling–Anna Naturals Shrink My Feet Salt Soak makes a perfect stocking stuffer. This product has a light scent as to not over power those sensitive noses pregnant women tend to suffer from. Pair this foot soak with Anna Naturals Shrink My Feet Massage Oil for essential oil relief for tired and swollen feet. I love that both of these products are all natural–just as the name suggests.

Another great gift idea for any pregnant mama is a great water bottle. During pregnancy women need to drink lots of water. Nursing mothers also need to drink tons and tons of water. It is difficult for new moms to remember to drink water as we are busy tending to our newborn’s needs. A solid, spill proof water bottle can be a huge help in making sure you take in enough fluids. I like Pura Sport bottles. They are made of stainless steel and free of BPA/BPS. We have enough to worry about with a new baby, we don’t need to worry about toxins leaching into our water. I personally love the fact that these are dishwasher safe. awesome gifts for pregnant women

Those are just a few great gift ideas for the pregnant mama in your life that can all be found at Mom’s Milk Boutique. Check in often, as the sales and freebies can help you save a bundle this holiday season.

Affton Walden is a mother of three with number four due in February. She keeps busy enjoying life as a wife and mother.

Toddler Gift Guide

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Curious what to get the sweet toddler in your life, or need ideas for well-meaning family members? As a mama of a four-year-old, a two-year-old and a six-month-old, I have a few ideas to help!

Here’s my timeless toddler gift guide:

Melissa & Doug | Wooden Play Food


I am the world’s biggest fan of all things Melissa & Doug. Their toys never fall into the “annoying” category and the longevity of playability is incredible. I know that whenever one of my children is gifted anything from Melissa & Doug, it is a gift for all three. I specifically chose this toy, because my 4 and 2-year-old are very into all things cooking at the moment. I suspect my baby will enjoy this in the future as well!


Hape | Blocks 30th Anniversary Edition

It’s no secret that toy longevity and playability matters to me. I am a minimalist by nature so I want a few things that can be used in a lot of ways for a lot of years. Enter- blocks! My kiddos have a set of these and it’s always what comes out when friends are over. Also, for this set of blocks, Hape is donating a toy to a child in need in Afghanistan, Syria, Nepal, China, Zimbabwe.

Green Toys Tool Set BLUE

Now, I must give the caveat that my older children are boys. But they love, love, love playing with toy tools and pretending to be just like their daddy and their grandpa. Again, a toy that is shared and loved by all and will continue to be enjoyed for years. They even have a pink set for those handy girls out there!


Green Toys | Watering Can

My husband and I have just started dipping our toes into the world of gardening, but our kids are more than happy to help! Any way we can get them involved in one of our projects is a win for us as a family. Toddlers love to be included and they love to have their own gear. I think this is a great gift for any toddler!

I know any of these gifts will be a hit for the toddler in your life! Happy holidays!


Kara Garis is a cloth diapering, baby wearing, semi-crunchy mama to two active boys and a baby girl. She lives with her husband in Oklahoma and loves running, cooking, traveling, reading and teaching herself how to braid. She blogs very infrequently at 

Tips for Buying a Highchair

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

10-21-16-high-chair-option-1While some baby products regularly make the “didn’t need that” lists, a high chair proves one of the most enduring baby gadgets found in almost every home where a baby dwells. These days many are shaped and customized for more than just feeding in mind.

A few things to consider:

Do you want a chair that will last just until baby can sit at the table with you, or one that might transition well into the preschool years? Will you need a durable chair that will last multiple children or just to use every once in a while at grandma’s house?

Do you have a preference for wood or plastic? Plastic options tend to be less expensive, but wooden high chairs these days often boast the ability to multi-function over the years from baby seat to booster to full-size chair that can hold an adult’s weight that can pull up to any table, including an office desk.

Safety first!
Though listed third in this list safety is of upmost importance. Make sure there is a crotch post and five-point harness to ensure baby is fully secure. If the chair has wheels or reclining options, make sure they lock securely. Chairs also can meet specific standards of safety, noted by a ASTM sticker label.

Special features.
I’ve mentioned some mulit-functioning features already. We used our basic seat before baby was ready to eat as a way to, for short periods of time, play sitting up once she was stable enough to enjoy the view. If you need a chair to assist with bottle feeding, look for options that can slightly recline. Some, particularly wooden options, offer height adjustments to accommodate larger children.

Where will it be used?
If you need an on-the-go option consider a seat like Chicco’s hook-on seats that clip directly onto the most tables. If you plan to pull baby up to your table, do you have a standard height table or taller? Some high chairs are made to fit onto most dining chairs, like the Fisher Price Space Saver.

How much space?
Like the Chicco and Fisher Price options listed above there are small, space-saving options if you don’t have much room. Some designs are so sleek, like the Stokke Tripp Trapp, they can fit to the table and are versatile enough to be used as a seat in the office or stand as furniture in the corner of the living room. Note some high chairs may appear large and bulky, but easily fold to a small, manageable size that can easily stow away.

Is it easy to use/clean?
Babies and messes go hand in hand, especially for those years they sit in a high chair. You want a smooth surface that is easy to wipe down, and removable parts (like its tray and any cloth material) are particularly useful. Also test the various buckles and latches to ensure they work to your liking. A frustrating buckle will still be there day after day of use, so make sure you like the functionality of the design details.

New or Used.
The perks of a new chair mean you get the cleanest and possibly most innovative product to date. Used options often sell for very low prices on buy/sell/trade pages and in the online classifieds like Craigslist. Before buying used grab the model number and date (usually located on a sticker on the chair) and check online to ensure the chair was not recalled. Wash the material and wipe your chair down well. Good as new!

Lynette is a mom of three children from 6 months to age four. She has cloth diapered all three since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

Geffen Baby Prefolds Review

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

img_0113Geffen Baby is a Los Angeles-based company that is passionate about their work for babies and the environment. Their products range from cloth diapers to nursing pads. Most of their products–95 percent–are made here in the U.S.A. Their website is super informative and also a great place to shop. (This is dangerous when you’re pregnant and still working on the baby’s cloth diaper stash!) I got the opportunity to try out one of their prefold diapers and tell you what I think. Here’s what I discovered.


This is by far the softest prefold diaper I have ever touched. When it arrived at my house, it was packaged neatly and beautifully. I was sent a extra-large jersey prefold with navy blue trim. The color of trim is different by size. The age suggestion is 18 months to potty trained. My son, Levi, is 25 months old, so this was perfect. The prefold is made of 60 percent hemp and 40 percent organic cotton. I seriously could touch this thing all day! I can imagine it has to feel amazing to my little guy’s bottom. The prefolds cost $10.30 a piece, which is a reasonable price for the quality.


Levi is a squirmy, opinionated 2-year-old, so getting this prefold on was not the easiest process. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t video tape the drama, but we did get it on his little bottom. There was plenty of extra fabric. I folded the prefold down in the back and did a newspaper fold with a snappi. I then used a econobum diaper cover. The fit worked well for Levi and it was absorbent for his diapering needs. I can’t say I would use this prefold all of the time, just because he is getting to be past the cloth diapering stage for us. With baby number 3 arriving in a few weeks, I am working on getting him used to the potty. However, I will definitely keep it and use it for the baby.

Overall Opinion

I am not an expert on cloth diapers, but I would definitely give Geffen Baby prefolds two thumbs up. Compared to other prefolds I have used, this prefold is much more absorbent and better quality. I think they are affordable, and the stitching is done well on them. I am definitely going to look into the newborn quick absorbers for my newest squish. They come in a 3 pack and are only $11.07!

So momma, if you are into cloth diapering and like prefolds, I definitely recommend trying Geffen Baby. I’m just warning you, these things are so soft!

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two, almost three, in Northeast Arkansas where she shops for baby products online way too much. 

Do You Really Need That? I Did: Rethinking Baby Registry Lists

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016


baby registry

You know you’ve seen the list circulating the Internet, the lists of baby things you “don’t really need”. If you’re a first-time mom you may be likely to heed the advice of these lists because who wants to waste money on things you don’t really need? Sure there are plenty of things that you can live without but in my opinion there are quite a few things on those lists of things to not buy that made my life so much easier! Here are three of my favorite “don’t need” must haves:

Bottle Warmer. I absolutely agree that you can run hot water over a bottle to heat it but do you want to stand by the sink while you wait or would you rather be doing something else–like calming a baby? A bottle warmer can not only help you multi-task, it can also help keep you from overheating it and keep away the temptation of nuking it in the microwave, which La Leche League warns against because of the possibility of uneven heating and hot spots.

Wipe Warmer. The last thing I need in the middle of the night is even louder screaming from a baby who doesn’t want a cold wipe on their bottom. In my opinion, anything you can do to keep a baby comfortable is worth the money. Being comfortable lowers their stress levels, as well as yours.

Diaper Pail. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t empty the trash every single day and I certainly would not have been flushing baby poop down a toilet before trashing a disposable diaper. Diaper pails
can handle a big load of smelly diapers without stinking up a room. If you know you won’t be taking your trash to the dumpster every day and you don’t want to smell dirty diapers, I’d invest in one of these!

Jacqueline Banks is a certified Holistic Health Counselor. She works with women in all stages of motherhood, from mothers struggling with conception to those trying to get their groove back after pregnancy to ensure the best health and nutrition for both mom and baby.