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Fan Photo Friday: Silly Siblings

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Inspired by this photo, I thought it would be fun to share Silly Sibling photos for this week’s Fan Photo Friday! ūüôā By the way this picture is not of my boys, but honestly I can picture walking into such a scene in my own home. YIKES!¬†There was a colorful discussion on the Mom’s Milk Boutique Facebook page about this photo and the various reactions. I keep thinking¬†about what¬†my own reaction would be? Although¬†it’s hard to know for sure, I think the initial anger would eventually soften; especially after sharing the photo with friends and families who would surely cry from laughing so hard. And yes, I would definitely take a picture! I also kept thinking about what the circumstances¬†might be that would allow young children access to paint and I can think of a dozen different innocent scenarios. For example perhaps in this scenario the adjoining room was being painted. Dad walked out to go to the bathroom not¬†realizing Mom was tied up changing baby’s diaper and lo and behold a whole 2 minutes later they walk into that mess! I know hubby and I have gotten much better throughout the years communicating who is on kid duty. As for the children’s behavior, I can appreciate the impulsivity of young children and their ability to get completely immersed in the moment without thinking one iota about the consequences. I can almost picture the sheer joy these boys experienced in the minute or two spent finger painting their living room. My guess, given their estimated age, they were acting completely on a spontaneous impulse and don’t yet quite grasp the rule “don’t paint the couch”. ūüôā¬†Or maybe it’s just a staged photo? Or maybe mom and dad were re-doing the living room anyway and let the kids have at it with an open can of paint? Who knows what the real story is? Whatever it may be 1. it made me laugh and 2. I am thankful I haven’t experienced a mess of that proportions! At any rate here are the Silly Sibling photos sent in by Mom’s Milk Boutique fans just like you:

Here are Emily’s cutie patooties “playing together”…not sure Big Sister is happy that Little Sister thinks her long locks are a toy? Although according to¬†the grin on Little Sister’s face, I think she’s enjoying herself quite a bit!











Here are Melissa’s silly girls ages¬†4.5 and 2 showing off the tutus she made them tutus for Christmas. Apparently they enjoyed finding “alternate ways” to wear them!

Here are Kara’s sweet boys ages 3.5 and 2 sharing a laugh together! Can’t help but smile at their joyful expressions!

Here are my own boys shortly after Izzy was born. I was trying to get a good picture of all three boys to send to family members however Abraham (2 years old at the time) was clearly more interested in picking his boogies than posing for the camera.


Here is a favorite photo of my own siblings and I, circa 1986

Fast forward about 24 years later here we are all together again. And as embarrassing as this photo is (yes, that is me sticking out my backside at the camera) it totally depicts how much fun the 4 of us have when we are all together!

Thanks to the mamas who sent in photos this week! Today’s Fan Photo Friday winner is Melissa! Congrats Melissa and be on the lookout for 25 Milk Miles in your account!

Now ready for next week? How about we share some Babywearing Wrap photos? Love me some babywearing…especially in wraps!! Send your Babywearing Wrap photos to sarah@momsmilkboutique by midnight CST Thursday September, 6 and then check back on Friday, September 7 to see who wins 25 Milk Miles!


Fan Photo Friday: Family Summer Vacations

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Summer is officially coming to an end as cooler weather approaches and kids are starting back in school. However I thought it would be fun to share pictures of our summer family adventures before fully accepting the end of a lovely summer and moving into Fall!

Here is Ashley on a day trip to Newport, OR to celebrate her birthday; looks like an awesome birthday celebration! I¬† simply adore nature babywearing pics. Babywearing allows baby to go to special, beautiful places in nature¬†that would be too difficult to navigate with a stroller¬†and that would hurt your back and arms to try to carry baby the whole way. As Ashely said “this hike was made possible by babywearing”.¬† She also shared that this was the BEST birthday trip ever and it was only an hour away from home. Thanks for showing that you don’t have to go far or spend lots of money to have great summer time adventures! Oh and Happy Belated Birthday to you Ashley! ūüôā



I love this next picture of Aubrey traveling solo with her two children. What does a mama do when she realizes her connecting flight is WAY on the other side of a large airport and needs to shuffle¬†a two month old, two year old, and a backpack there all by¬†herself¬†in time to make the connection? She gets clever and improvises with¬†one kid in a Front Cross Carry and the other in a ring sling…way to go Aubrey!! I bet all the other passengers stopped to do a double take! Did you get the comment: “boy, you have your hands full”? Which is when you hold up your hands and say “actually they are quite free!”

Here is Nicole and THREE and HALF year old Max visiting Yosemite.¬†Max looks pretty comfy in their Boba from Moms Milk Boutique! Nicole calls this “Preschoolwearing”. Love it!!

This next photo is of Rebekah’s 5 year old Alexis wearing her 7 month old brother Brycen while at church camp!¬†Alexis¬†wanted to try it on like mommy… babywearing sibling photos¬†are so awesome!

The next few photos are from Jolene who braved a week long camping trip with her troop. She even brought along some flat diapers for her sweetie pie to use. Kudos to mamas who cloth diaper while camping!


Here is Megan’s 3 year old daughter with her Auntie wading near the pier on Catalina. I have always wanted to go there!!

Brigitta and her family took a road trip to Crossville, TN. Looks like a great trip! Check out the amazing tree house they visited…and that cow print fluffy tush is too cute!!

This next Moms Milk Boutique mama’s summer trips involve staying close to home. They save money that way and enjoy their own community for all it offers. Here they are at the Town Center they very first time she wore her wee one in a back carry in their organic ErgoBaby Carrier.

My own family has been enjoying the beautiful Colorado mountains for the past¬†6 weeks, soaking up as much outdoor time as we can! Here’s a few photos from a recent hike. There were¬†tons¬†of huge boulders to climb along the way.¬†¬†The top of the mountain was a little kid’s haven with the log bridges to cross and small river to splash in. Our BobaAir makes the perfect hiking companion for my toddler who likes to get down frequently to explore with his big brothers. Hiking with kids has been a huge life lesson to slow down and enjoy the journey.¬† During pre-kid hikes¬†I was so¬†focused on reaching the summit, I would often miss the beauty along the way. Now with kids it seems we stop every few minutes because there is always an interesting discovery to explore and appreciate!

Thanks everyone for sharing your summer adventures with us! This week’s winner is Aubrey with her tandem babywearing at the airport photo! 25 Milk Miles headed your way!!

Alrighty, ready for next week’s assignment? How about some SILLY SIBLING photos?¬†Email¬†a picture of your kidlets hamming it up together in that special way that siblings do to by Thursday, August 31 CST. Then check back on Friday, August 31 for some fun photos that are guarenteed to make you chuckle! Remember the winner gets 25 Milk Miles added to their Moms Milk Boutique account.


Fan Photo Friday: Lovely Spaces

Friday, August 17th, 2012

About a year ago we moved into¬†our new house. It was the easiest move we’ve ever done (and we’ve moved a lot!)¬†despite having 3 little ones ages 4 and under. The trick to making a move “easy”? Buy a house less then two miles from your current one, recruit help from family members, and have one parent take the 3 kids out of town while the other¬†parent moves everything from the old house to the new house. ūüôā¬†While the kids and I were in¬†Colorado for several weeks last summer, my hubby packed all of our belongings into boxes. Load by load he¬†moved everything over to our new house using his old beat up Chevy truck. Oh yeah and this was after he painted the entire house and installed new floors¬†a few weeks prior while the kids and I were in Chicago. Have I mentioned how much I love that man!?!

So we returned from our trips to a freshly painted house¬†full of boxes to unpack. Thankfully I am pretty good at organizing. In fact I kind of enjoy it. ūüôā I am however terrible when it comes to decorating. TERRIBLE!¬†I cannot make a decorating decision to save my life! Plus I don’t like shopping (with the exception of thrifting). Additionally I¬†attempt to keep our space as kid-friendly as possible; in other words displaying nothing I truly worry about getting accidentally spilled on, peed on, trampled on, or broken. The result¬†is that a year later my house still looks like we *just* moved in. There are no pictures on the wall or any personal artifacts displayed that give you a sense of who we are. Besides the bold paint on the walls, there are no splashes of color that pop out at you. There are no soft elements that invite you in. In a word it feels kind of generic to me. Yikes! Did I just call my house generic? Yep! I’m ready to start¬†transforming our house into a home.

I recently visited a friend of a friend’s home that was¬†completely lovely! It wasn’t fancy. It wasn’t straight out of a decorating magazine with perfectly matching accessories. It¬†wasn’t designed to impress anyone. It was merely a reflection of the homeowner’s interests and passions. Walking into¬†the tiny house (I love small spaces by the way!) was a complete breath of fresh air as it was over-flowing with LIFE! The furniture in the home and the decorations were random, eclectic pieces that somehow all worked together beautifully. The home conveyed a peaceful and joyful energy because it was filled with things that¬†you could tell¬†the homeowner truly loved and cherished. It was as though there was a story waiting to be told wherever you looked. I didn’t see Target sales ads in the decor; instead I saw whimsical expressions of exotic travels both near and far. It was all so personal and intimate. And I thought to myself “THIS is what I want my home to become”…

So I asked Mom’s Milk Boutique Fans to share photos of their favorite spaces for some inspiration. I know there was a mix-up with posting the wrong email address, so I sincerely apologize if you emailed me a photo and it’s not included here.

Here is Emily’s favorite space in her home; her son Henery’s nursery. I was really hoping someone would send in a nursery picture because that is usually when¬†our nesting instinct is at its peak. During pregnancy our hearts are filled with a strong desire to create a beautiful space for the life we carry within. I simply relish the creative energy of pregnant women!

Lorrie was super excited to share her favorite room with us. It’s her family’s homeschooling room! Looking at these photos, I am guessing Lorrie was a teacher in her former life?!¬†What a fantastic space to¬†learn with her little ones.¬†Here’s what she shared about this room, “This is my first year homeschooling- our oldest has started kindergarten!¬† Feels like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time, and we were learning how to nurse! Anyhow, all three “babies” and I look forward to the start of each day in our School Room. Thanks for letting me share it!”. Lorrie, I thank YOU for sharing these photos with us! I too am gearing up for our first official year as a homeschooling family so I have a extra special appreciation for the lovely learning evironment you have¬†created for your children!

This next picture was sent in by Megan (co-author of Top 10 Tips for Successful Pumping). This room holds a special place in her heart because she waited a whole year for her husband (a.k.a. my brother) to heal from a serious bike injury to finish remodeling their kitchen. She was also pregnant at the time but that didn’t stop her from helping¬†her dad tear up the floors. The end result was well worth the wait as it turned out beautiful. I mean check out that backsplash…it’s gorgeous!

My own favorite place in my home would be my kitchen. Probably because I spend a great deal of time there. I have put a lot of thought into organizing it into a functional space to ease the process of food preparation. Sometimes it looks like this:

But more often it looks like this:

And here’s what my kidlets are doing while I am busy in the kitchen…ransacking, er I mean enjoying their favorite space, their playroom! I contemplated posting a nice, clean photo of their playroom…but let’s face it THIS is what is looks like 95% of the time. ūüėČ

Thanks to everyone who participated and again my apologies for the email error. This week’s winner of 25 Milk Miles is Lorrie with her lovely homeschooling room! Wishing you a wonderful year of discovery with your children. ūüôā

Okay mamas, ready for next week’s Fan Photo Assignment? Now that summer is closing in to an end and every one is in back to school mode, how about we share photos from our Summer Family Vacations? I would love to see where your family explored this summer. Bonus points for babywearing photos because we all know babywearing is the only way to travel with baby!¬†Email your Summer Family Vacation to byThursday, August 23¬†midnight CST. All photos received by then will be shared on¬†Friday, August 24. Don’t forget the winner gets 25 Milk Miles!

Fan Photo Friday: Welcoming Baby!

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Okay if you don’t already have baby fever,¬†I think you might after this Fan Photo Friday! First a BIG congrats to Mom’s Milk Boutique co-owner Bonnie who gave birth to her son, Montgomery, on July 31. Welcome to the world little one! ūüôā

How sweet is this baby girl? Does she not melt your heart with those big eyes, squishy lips, and full head of hair?! I love how alert she is only moments after her mama Brigitta gave birth to her! Sierra was born in the water at a birth center.

This is the¬†very first family photo taken with baby Nora born on Aug. 18, 2011 after 10 hours of labor weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz. and 21 inches long. While you can barely see baby,¬†daddy and mommy’s¬†reaction¬†are both¬†priceless! They capture the intensity of emotion experienced in that moment…

Here’s Mama Melanie holding her first son Vincent. After 20.5 hours of labor he was born on June 6th, 2012 at 5:28pm weighing 6lbs 5oz and 19 inches long.¬†Congrats Melanie…he’s gorgeous!

This is Xander¬†right¬†after he was born six weeks early on¬†March 24, 2012 weighing¬†4 lbs 5 ozs. The second picture¬†is of the¬†first time his mama Amanda got to hold him, 2 days after he was born. Amanda’s hand in the picture¬†gives you some perspective on¬†Xander’s size.

Another waterbirth! Meet Mama Heather and Baby Gianna born on June 28, 2012.

This baby boy is blessed to have SIX older sisters to love and care for him! His family wanted a homebirth so the sisters could be involved in the birth.

Here’s what Mama Bethany shared about this photo: “This is the very first time I was able to hold my son, it was over 24 hours after he was born. From this very first kangaroo care until 72 days later when he finally came home I would spend majority of my days in the NICU doing kangaroo care with him.¬† He was born at 26 weeks gestation weighing 2lbs 8 oz, and 14 1/4 inches long. He is now a healthy 6 month (3 months adjusted age) old weighing 13lbs!”.¬† Thank you for sharing your birth story with us and this amazing photo.

This beautiful mama is Brandy holding her sweet 8lb, 8oz baby for the first time.

Meet Mama Kiersten welcoming her third baby, Annabelle into the world.¬†Annabelle was born into the water after 5 hours of labor weighing¬†7 lbs 3 oz and 19 inches long. I love the look of complete happiness on Kiersten’s face!

This adorable, squishy face is Mary’s daughter Clara Rose minutes after she was born. And then again with her older siblings when she was only a few hours old. That little cheek snuggle from big brother is just too cute!

This wee nursling is Isaiah born on May 24, 2012 to Mama Jennifer. He is her SIXTH blessing! Would you look at those adorable curls? Don’t you just want to kiss the top of his little head and inhale that new baby scent?!?

Mama Meleah shared this incredible birth story with us, “This is Maddox Rocky. He is my first. I worked very hard to get him here safe. At a non stress test (because I had high blood pressure) they found that he was having drops in his heart rate due to the cord being wrapped around his neck. I was admitted to the hospital to monitor him and try to keep him in as long as we could. 4 weeks, 24 hours of labor and a c-section later out little guy was born at 36 weeks. 5lbs 15 oz 18 1/2 in long. This was the first time I got to see my baby boy.”

Here’s Mama April holding 9 pound¬†Hudson for the first time ever on May 26, 2010. April says, “Hard to believe I now have a 2 year old, but luckily he still allows for snuggle time!”. Thank goodness for snuggly toddlers! ūüôā

Check out the¬†“after birth glow” on¬†Mama Jennifer’s face¬†while she bonds with her son Kase.

I love, love, LOVE the following photo! Any guesses why? Because baby Lukas is covered in vernix! There are several benefits to delaying washing vernix off baby’s skin, although it’s rare to see a photo of a vernix covered baby snuggling with his mama. Way to go mama Erin!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my second son’s birth…my birth “high” is pretty apparent in it. ūüôā

This last photo really touched my heart. It was sent in by Andrea although it’s not a picture of her or her baby. Rather it’s of a friend of hers…”This is (my friend) Gabbie with her new baby.¬† I understand the instructions are to submit a picture of me with my baby but my friend is so much more deserving of the 25 milk miles and winning this contest.¬†This last Sunday, July 29, 2012, she gave birth to twins; a boy named Aidan and a girl named Emily Rose.¬† The little girl has a heart condition and was immediately taken away to the local Children’s Hospital and has already underwent her first heart surgery this last Monday.¬† She has several more surgeries to go.

Gabbie is experiencing a mixture of emotions as she is so happy to have her babies, after years of trying for them, and she loves them both so much.¬† But she is devastated right now by her daughter’s condition and fears for Emily’s life.¬† She didn’t even get to hold Emily before they took her away for her first surgery and Gabbie still hasn’t been able to see her since as Gabbie is still in the hospital herself, recovering from the c-section.¬† I’m praying for the entire family and for Emily’s swift recovery with Gabbie and her husband, Brian, soon by Emily’s side so any additional prayers from anyone else would be much appreciated.

Gabbie is pumping right now as she wants to be able to breastfeed the twins but she is also planning on cloth diapering them!¬† I know Gabbie would love the 25 milk miles to go towards building her new diaper stash for her brand new baby twins!¬† Also, I’m hoping, that if she wins, others will be able to see hers and Emily’s photo, know their story and send prayers her way.”

Andrea, thank YOU for sharing this photo and story with us. We will certainly keep Gabbie’s family in our thoughts. And I think we all agree that Gabbie is this week’s winner!
Thank you everyone for sharing your birth photos and stories with us. I am feeling incredibly blessed to be¬†a part of this wonderful community here….big hugs to you all! <3

Fan Photo Friday: Furbabies!

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Recently my friend Michelle told me¬†that during her pre-kid days she¬†had¬†pictures of her dog hanging in her office…and now she barely even takes pictures of her dog, let alone display them anywhere! My how things change once children enter into the family. BUT for today let’s honor our furbabies who for many of us were¬†the very¬†first “baby” we cared for. ūüôā

Here is Michelle’s sweet family¬†dog with an ouchie on her eye…poor girl! The other photo is of Michelle’s 3 adorable kidlets playing in the dog cage, lol!. Raise your hand if your kids like to play in the dog cage…I know mine do (see evidence below).

I swear I have toys for my boys, but the dog kennel, clothes line, and snowboard helmet are way more fun…

This is Jazmin’s then 6 month son and 11 year old old basset hound named Poe taking¬†a nap together! Awwww! The bond between a boy and his dog is so special!

These cutie pies are Andrea’s¬†two month old¬†chihuahuas named Tallullah, Lola, and FeFe. She kept one and gave one to each of her sisters. Sounds like¬†a perfectly sized litter! ūüôā

Here’s what Melissa shared about this photo, ¬†“This is our son Channing with our two dogs, Brixa the Great Dane, and Sergeant the Rottweiler.¬† He uses them as his own personal step stool, and play gym , lol.¬† They don’t ever seem to mind though!”.

Here’s a favorite picture of my two dogs Rex and Jonah snuggling together.

And similar to Jazmin’s photo, here’s my duo napping together. Abraham was so sleepy he fell asleep using Jonah as his pillow. Jonah patiently waited there while Abraham napped. ūüôā

This picture was taken shortly after we adopted Rex. He was my very first dog so I had kind of special connection with him. One of the main reasons I wanted a dog was to have a running partner during my early morning runs. He was a great running partner for many years. He passed away earlier this year.

Thanks everyone who shared their furbaby photos with us! This week’s winner is Jazmin! Congrats Jazmin. ūüôā 25 Milk Miles are headed your way…yahoo! ūüôā

Ready for next week’s Fan Photo Friday assignment?¬† As most of you know Bonnie (co-owner of Moms Milk Boutique) is going to be meeting her baby very soon! In honor of Bonnie’s upcoming birth,¬†let’s share photos of the very first moments we spent with our baby right after they were born. If you would like to share a picture of yourself holding your baby moments after birth, please send¬†it to sarah@momsmilkboutique by midnight CST on Thursday, August 2. Then on Friday, August 3 we can ohhh and ahhh over all the sweet newborns! The winner will receive 25 Milk Miles.