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Perfect Swimsuits for Nursing

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014
Nursing friendly swimwear

If you’re anything like me, bathing suit shopping brings about the same sense of dread as my reoccurring nightmare about showing up naked for high school.  Bathing suits, body insecurities and the cruel fluorescent lighting in dressing rooms are a triple dose of awful. When you throw in postpartum bodies and nursing, it can make the task seem impossible.

I’m here to change your mind! First, you are beautiful and we are always our worst critics. Going to the pool or beach and having a good time with your family is so much better than being worried about what anyone else is thinking about how you look. Step one in the process of finding a great suit for nursing is confidence! We always look our best when we like what we’re wearing. So ignore what you “should” wear and find something you love!

My favorite styles for nursing moms (that aren’t specifically for nursing)

1. Halter Tops – Halter styles are perfect for mamas that need a little extra support. Loosen the tie a bit and pulling down one side of your suit is a snap!

2. Wrap Style Tops – Anything that crosses over in the front will be super easy to pull to the side for easy access. Not only are these suits incredibly easy to nurse in, but they’re generally very flattering on a wide range of

3. Zipper Front Suits – I’ve seen a lot of this style suit this season. Every single time I see it, I think about how easy that would make breastfeeding! Unzip and not only do you still have coverage, but you don’t have to worry about adjusting straps or making sure everything is in it’s original position. 

4. Bandeau Tops – This is a great choice for moms with smaller chests. I love that the center twist makes flipping one side down and keeping the other up very easy!  Most bandeau tops also come with a detachable halter string, which offers support and helps keep your suit in place.

5. Bra Style Tops – If you are well endowed you know how hard it is to find a supportive and flattering suit. This year the bra bathing suit top is very much in style. Bra style tops have support, help keep a nice shape, and are easy to nurse in. Most of them can be pulled down without much work and only require lowering one strap.

Let’s all promise ourselves that we will go forth and nurse in style! Life is too short to not throw on a suit and


head outside.

Allison Klaine is a mom of two great kids. Allison spends most days working in the brick and mortar location of MMB. She’s looking forward to spending as much time as possible in the water this summer. Allison will also be rocking her first bikini ever this summer because being worried about stretch marks and not having a  perfect body is boring!

The Perfect First Toys for Baby

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014
First Toys

Your baby’s senses are exploding! Every second is spent learning and exploring.

Baby’s first toys are an essential part in the whole learning process. Babies use their whole body to learn: mouth, ears, eyes, fingers, even toes! They’re using all those things to figure out how to make things happen and the way cause and effect work. You want to find toys that are lightweight, easy to manipulate, safe for baby to put in mouth, and really aide in sensory development.

My kids were both huge fans of toys that made noises, like the squeaker in Sophie the giraffe or any toys that made a crinkle noise when played with.

My personal philosophy on toys is that children should have to play with the toys and not have the toys play for them.  I would much rather have a baby learn that if they shake a rattle a fun noise will come out than if they push a button lights and music will play.

Everything on this list is safe, great for sensory activities, colorful and perfect for baby’s first toys!

Allison Klaine is raising two great kids in the great state of Illinois. You can catch her at Mom’s Milk Boutique most days helping new and old moms find the perfect thing for their little ones!

Packing the Perfect Diaper Bag

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

diaper bagI am the queen of rushed trips and am perpetually 15 minutes late everywhere I go. I’ve tried so many times to be more organized and plan better, it’s just never happened.

The only thing I’ve ever succeeded in is my ability to pack and keep packed the perfect diaper bag.

To start off, we’ll do a little time traveling back to when I had two kids in diapers. I needed a lot of duplicate items, but I was able to whittle things down so I didn’t need a suitcase everywhere we went.

First, you need a good sturdy diaper bag.

With my first I decided I would never use a diaper bag, and that my 10 year old messenger bag would do the trick. Spoiler alert: It didn’t!

So, I decided to splurge on a Ju-Ju-Be Be All when my second was born. I could rave all day about this bag, but it’s ability to be tossed in the washing machine and the magnetic closure were game changers in my diaper bag quest. Now that I’ve told you what kind of bag I used, I will give you the ultimate list of things to have for a day-long trip with a cloth diapered baby (or two):

1. Diapers! This is a no brainer, but I usually included 4-8 diapers. AIOs were my favorite because the took up the least amount of room and were the easiest to wrestle on a wiggling baby. Wool is also great to keep leaks in and not take up much space.

2. Medium Wetbag. You can go plain or wet/dry but medium is the size to go with. It’s the baby bear of day trip wetbags–just right!

3. Wipes. I used cloth because it was easier to throw the entire mess in the wetbag. No need for sprays because you usually have a sink handy to wet your wipes.

4. Aden & Anais Swaddle blanket. The AA swaddle can be used as a blanket, nursing cover, carseat cover, and even a towel if the need arises. It’s the Swiss army knife of baby products.

5. Water Bottle. Yes, you can grab one on the go, but having your own is not only better for you but better for the environment.

6. “The Baby Kit.” We kept this in a small wetbag, it included: sunscreen, teething tabs, CJ’s stick or any other diaper cream, Chapstick, bandaids, nipple cream, and kid-safe hand sanitizer. Keeping them all together in a wetbag will prevent spills and searching around for little things.

7. Two shirts or onsies, and two pairs of pants. It never failed that our first backup outfit would get puked on or fall victim to a massive blowout. A backup to your backup is always good with baby

8. Snacks for you and older kiddos. It’s better to be prepared with snacks you feel good about than having to run into a gas station and try to find anything healthy with a screaming toddler.

9. Toys. having a few handy is a good way to distract and avoid boredom!

It took me awhile, but eventually I realized if I replaced everything as soon as I got home, my bag was always packed and ready to go. I will always be a little scatter brained but I sure can pack a diaper bag.

What’s in your diaper bag?


Fashion for New Moms

Monday, January 6th, 2014
Post Partum Fashion


After your little bundle of joy arrives your realize how beautiful and magical babies and childbirth can be. But recovery can be a shock sometimes. At three months postpartum, you may still look pregnant, you have circles and bags under your eyes that have their own circles and bags, your skin is a mess, you don’t remember your last decent shower, and nothing fits you properly.

So what do you do? Sure, we all deserve to dress comfy and have bad hair days, but some days we want to feel gorgeous–and it’s not as hard as you might think. I have some outfits and products you can throw on and feel like the hot mama you are without a ton of prep time.

My number one postpartum secret is a good, thick, higher-waisted pair of black leggings. They’re going to be a staple and an excellent, forgiving foundation to your PP wardrobe.

Most of us are still rocking a PP belly months (or years) after our kiddos are born. That’s why a forgiving tunic top or something with strategic ruching can be your new best friends. You can find tops like these at all price points, but the examples at the top are great at camouflaging bumps and lumps. These will also work perfectly with your foundation leggings.

Number two, make sure you’re accentuating your waist. Fit and flare dresses, or belting a top around your smallest part will really define your figure and give you a nice curvy look. Some moms might feel like they want tighter fitting clothes, and if you do rock it. I know I was just partial to tops that gave me a little fabric to forgive.

A great pair of boots or flats will really make you feel put together. You may not enjoy shopping for your PP body sometimes, but shoes will always fit.

Along those same lines, a great crossbody bag is something all moms need. It’s easy to throw on and it can give you a little bit of coverage if you want it.



As for beauty, there are some super easy double-duty beauty products that are perfect for new moms. First, dry shampoo is the love of my life. Sprinkle it in and let it set while you finish your makeup. Then brush through, and you can fake a shower like nobody’s business. It makes your hair look clean and gives you a bit of volume.

Second is BB cream. BB cream is beauty balm. It usually has SPF, and gives a good amount of coverage while also benefiting your skin. It’s also easy to put on and you can do it in a sleep-induced haze. Third, cheek-and-lip stain. This product does double duty acting as both a blush and lip color to give your skin a little boost.

Fourth, using a whitish pink pencil around your eyes will make your eyes appear like you got more than two hours of sleep. You also will feel instantly glamourous when you put on a great waterproof mascara that won’t run if you get hit by a case of the PP sobs brought on by a sweet Cheerios commercial or a tricky nursing session.

All moms are beautiful, even if you don’t feel like it right now. Hopefully you can find a dress, shirt, bag, or pair of shoes that makes you feel special and remember that even though you have a newborn, you can still be a fashionable, confident woman.

Allison Klaine is a fashionable, confident mom of two who lives and writes in Indiana.  

Old Wives’ Tales and Newborns

Friday, December 27th, 2013

When you have a baby everyone has advice for you. Old wives’ tales run rampant. They range from silly to completely insane.

Most of these crazy bits of advice have no basis in reality, but they always make me laugh. Here are five of my personal favorite kooky old wives tales’ regarding babies.

hair picture

“Don’t cut your child’s hair before their first birthday or they will have bad hair”

I did not follow this advice–Lucy was born with more hair than most 2 year olds, and even though she got three cuts before her 1st birthday she still has a head of hair that could be used in Pantene commercials.


“A baby needs to cry a certain amount or their lungs won’t develop”

I don’t even want to touch this one, we all know this isn’t true at all. Babies born at term are usually born with good healthy lungs. Crying doesn’t do anything but let us know baby needs something and it’s our job to make our little ones and comfortable and happy as possible. Purple crying is a development phase some babies go through, but they should still be comforted through it. In fact, research shows that babies who were picked up fast after crying actually went on to be more independent toddlers.

“Blow smoke in a babies ear to put them to sleep” 

Sometimes I’m shocked that anyone made it out of childhood alive. This one is just nuts. Not only is secondhand smoke awful for children, studies now show that babies whose parents only smoked outdoors had six times more nicotine in their blood than a baby whose parents don’t smoke at all. This is due to exposure to
thirdhand smoke–the smoke that sticks to a person hours, days, or weeks after they smoke.

“Don’t let babies stand on your lap or it will cause bowlegs later on”

Once again FALSE! Bowlegs are caused by baby’s positioning in the womb, nearly all babies’ legs look bowlegged when they are born. Babies are learning to bear weight and find their center of gravity, this is actually a good activity. Standing is a good developmental activity that in no way cause issues with the legs.

“Cats will suck the air out of your baby”

This one is just laughable. Cats won’t be sucking air out of you baby, and it’s actually proven that kids who grow up with pets have less allergies than those who don’t. You should always monitor your baby around animals, but not for this particular reason.

You will hear so many bits of “advice” when you have a baby–most of it completely untrue. Take everything with a grain of salt, do your own research, and save the story to laugh about with your girlfriends later on.

Allison Klaine is a Mythbusting mom of 2. She’s here to spread the word that everything you hear isn’t true and to please not bathe your baby in Guinness for smooth skin!