I am a Boy Mom

I am a Boy MomI will be honest, when I was pregnant with my first Little, I wildly wanted a girl. I am the only girl amongst brothers; and I desperately wanted a sister as a child.  As soon as the Clear Blue stick showed two lines, I had girly visions of dance recitals and prom dress shopping. Despite my penchant for all things female, I couldn’t help but feel like I was carrying a boy. So, it came as no surprise when then ultrasound tech pointed out the “goods” and enthusiastically declared, “It’s a BOY!”  I experienced the same exclamation two years later when pregnant with my second son.  Suddenly, I was a boy mom.

My job of mothering these little men is loud and chaotic and sweaty. But boys are also sweet and incredibly nurturing. They are torn jeans and scraped knees and a hungry thirst for life. And dirt. There is so much dirt.

I love having all boys and here are my top 5 reasons why:

1) Raising Good Men

Having boys, I get a front row seat to watching my little guys grow into gentleman. I am raising them to be sensitive and manly, gentle and strong. I get to teach them to grow up to be good husbands who are respectful of others’ feelings. I also have the opportunity to teach them to appreciate women who are independent, smart, and equally good leaders. Although I may never understand them completely, I can give them the tools to recognize and appreciate a women’s perspective.

2) The Mother-Son Bond

The mother and son relationship is unique; our relationship will set the parameters for all their future love relationships. Being loving and affectionate will teach them to do the same in their own lives. My boys, ages 6 and 3, have no trouble climbing into mom’s lap to snuggle, read, or have quiet time. Although they typically go to dad for all things manly and aggressive, I am their first pick for a good hug. Being their mom, we share a bond that will never waiver. They are unafraid of showing me their sensitive sides because they know that I have arms that will always be wide enough to catch them when they fall.

3) The Sports

I never thought that I would love sports as much as I do, but it’s not really an option when the rest of the people in your home are obsessed. I love watching my sons play soccer and go swimming. I love how excited they get over football and basketball. From the time they were small, I don’t think either of my boys have ever seen a ball they didn’t like. My trunk is regularly full of soccer cleats, balls, water bottles, helmets, scooters, and bikes. There are dirty, smelly little things, but their enthusiasm is contagious.

4) Less Drama

I had a hard time including “less drama” in this post considering that today alone my boys were fighting over a broken crayon, who could sit next to me at a restaurant, and how many cookies the other was allowed to have three days from now. They are loud and competitive. My “moms of teenager” friends assure me, however, that there is much less drama as they grow older. It seems that with boys, they fight loud and quickly and then they move on. The transgression is quickly and forever forgotten. For that, I am infinitely grateful.

5) The Bond between Brothers

There is something distinctive about having kids of the same gender. They will go through similar life events, hopefully experiencing a closeness that will last a lifetime. They can learn from one another and will likely support one another, despite their differences in personality. As much as my boys fight, they are also fiercely protective of one another. They are quick to stick up for each another if they feel one is suffering even the slightest of injustice. I love the bond that they’ve forged and the comfortable relationship that they share with one another.

There are tiny fleeting moments when I feel sad that I will never see my own daughter walk down the aisle, but I know that I was given the children I was meant to love and mother. I am often asked if I will try to have a girl, and I could, but these boys complete our family. And truthfully, trying to keep up with them has left us totally and utterly worn out!

Tessa Wesnitzer is a health and wellness coach who lives in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves her husband, two boys, green tea, long runs, and snowy winters.

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