Best Places to Nurse in Austin, Texas

Best Places to Nurse in AustinWhether you live in central Texas, are planning to visit, or are just driving through, there are plenty of spots worth your while either for the beauty, function, or fun they offer. I’ve nursed at almost every single one of these spots with ease and visited the rest. Sure, you can nurse any place really, but if you need a spot to entertain other kiddos or take a break from travel or just daily local life, these are among my favorites.

The Thinkery, Austin’s children’s museum, has very family friendly restroom and nursing areas. It also has several quiet nooks and crannies where you can sit with solitude to feed a babe. If you don’t mind being in the middle of it all (or need to because your kids want to play), the upstairs area for toddlers through elementary age kids has a number of spots you can sit to nurse, all while your other kiddos stay in your line of sight. If you don’t want to pay, right outside The Thinkery is a playground area and open field with a variety of spots for mom to sit and relax for free.

If you’re in the need for a baby sort of store, Buy Buy Baby and Babies ‘R Us both have nursing rooms. The Natural Baby Co. at Congress and Riverside also has a great red couch perfect for lounging long enough to nurse. They even have a swing, short tunnel, and a few toys out for other kiddos to enjoy while you nurse and peruse their shop.

We drive cross-country a time or two a year and have found great joy in mall play areas. They aren’t exactly scenic, but if you are in need of the convenience of a dependable air-conditioned spot, Lakeline Mall is by far the most child friendly mall in Austin, with an extensive kids play area available for free and train and bouncy/trampoline sort of activities for small fees. It’s great if you need to get back on the road or fit some shopping in.

If you’re mall-bound, Nordstrom’s at Barton Creek Mall has a great nursing spot. Zilker Park and Barton Springs are just around the corner, great family-friendly places to entertain your afternoon and nurse freely. After all, Austin is free in spirit and weird at heart! There are often fun festivals happening in the area, many of which are kid friendly as well. There are also green areas around the Capitol and the Triangle in the near-downtown area.

Other natural springs and beautiful natural areas with open space for nursing include: Lady Bird Lake, Hamilton Pool, Pedernales Falls, Blue Hole, and Krause Springs. Butler District Park has a water area specifically for young kiddos and a gorgeous view of downtown with space to watch your kiddos and nurse at once! It’s not huge, but it’s also not a major traffic spot compared to Barton Springs.

If you’re southbound, San Marcos offers a large park just off the highway made of old-school wood. There are tunnels only little ones can get into (though they are never far from your grip!), a pool nearby, and the eclectic college-town city square just a few blocks away. Plenty of places exist for mom to sit and nurse and grass is not far away for picnicking of any variety.

Lynette Moran shares her life with her husband and two sons, ages 1 and 3 years. She has cloth diapered both since birth and enjoys all things eco-friendly and mindful living.

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