Baby’s First Vacation

Baby's FIrst VacationSummer is approaching and vacation time is on everyone’s minds. But now that you’re a mom, can you still take a trip? Of course! Babies are very adaptable and portable little people. Taking your baby on their first vacation can be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. So find a cute infant swimsuit, stock up on your sunscreen, and get ready for some fun!

Where to Go:

For my family, our vacations since children have been short but sweet. We have chosen to go on a 3-day trip for the past couple years. My husband gets to see a baseball game, we get to relax and play in a hotel pool, and we find a fun activity for the little ones to enjoy like the zoo, for example. Other moms choose to go on family trips with extended family. Sunny beaches like Gulf Shores, Alabama, provide a relaxing beach vacation spot. Try not to be too extravagant with baby’s first vacation. There is plenty of time to go to Disney World and other theme parks as baby grows. Keep it simple.

What to Bring:

In my opinion, you can never be too prepared when you have little ones. If you are hitting a sunny spot, remember some California Baby sunscreen. Bring a cute sun hat for baby. Remember extra outfits and extra toys. These Melissa and Doug toys are super cute and easy to pack. Most hotels and resorts have cribs available for use if you just ask. Also consider having a room with a refrigerator if you have breastmilk to store.

If you are vacationing in a cooler climate, consider baby wearing. Vacationing in a location like Seattle can provide beautiful scenery for hiking, and you will glad you have that Tula!

Don’t worry that you’ve over packed. You can never be too prepared!

What to Remember:

Keeping a good attitude is important when traveling with an infant. Remember that it’s your baby’s first vacation. Take pictures and video and make memories with your little family. Don’t sweat the small hiccups that you may encounter. If your little one doesn’t tolerate a plan ride or longer car ride, do your best to make them comfortable and push through. If your baby doesn’t love and adore the beach, don’t fret. Remember that you have a lifetime to make memories with your little one. Just have fun!

On my daughter’s first vacation, we traveled to Cincinnati for 3 days. We went to a baseball game, ate lots of yummy food, and checked out the zoo. The trip was full of great memories. I remember her smiles at the baseball game, looks on her face as she saw wild animals for the first time, bouncing her around in a baby carrier way past her bedtime so my husband and I could stay out later than 7 p.m., and the hilarious moments of trying to get a 10 month old to nap in a hotel room right next to my husband and I. Vacations change when you have little ones, but they are still something you will always remember.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of two who lives and writes in Northeast Indiana. She is excited about taking her son Levi on his first vacation next month to Cleveland.

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