Baby’s First Baseball Game

Baby's First Baseball GameIf your family is like mine, then March through October is an exciting time: Baseball season! My husband and I are St. Louis Cardinals fans and we plan on passing this trait down to our children. My husband has a dream of visiting each baseball stadium in the country, so naturally we ended up taking our 10-month-old daughter to a Cardinals-Reds game last summer. Here are some tips on how to survive baby’s first baseball game.

Study the Stadium

Are you familiar with the stadium where the game will take place? If not, get familiar! Check out a map of the stadium on your favorite team’s homepage. Most stadiums have family restrooms or nursing stations for moms who prefer privacy while nursing. The Cincinnati stadium I traveled to only had a family restroom, and it was not a place where I could sit and relax with my daughter while nursing. Buy tickets for seats that are easy to get in and out of so you can feel free to come and go. We opted for seats at the top of the section and on the end. Find out if your stadium offers a play area for little ones. Minor league teams often have kids’ days and family seating in the open grass.

Skip the Stroller

Let’s be honest. I love my strollers, but most of them are bulky and hard to maneuver in a crowd of large people. Instead of using a stroller, wear baby in your favorite carrier. My daughter spent the majority of the game in my Boba 3G carrier. I was comfortable, and so was she. With a little one, be prepared to spend a lot of the game walking around. Use a carrier that is comfortable on your back and easily taken on and off. My daughter ended up sleeping through a lot of the game in the carrier because she was so close to her momma. (It was also past her bedtime.) Some parents do prefer to have the stroller in case baby wants to people watch, but they will most likely have to be checked at gates and entrances in the stadium.

Plan for the Unexpected

Of course, it’s not a good idea to attend a super-late night game or a day game during your little one’s naptime, but be prepared for the unexpected. A rain delay could cause the baseball game to go on into later hours. The game we attended was supposed to be an afternoon game, but ended up getting rescheduled for a night game. I was nervous about my daughter being out past her bedtime. I packed comfy pajamas, her lovey Teddy bear, and extra things to soothe her. Bring snacks for baby in your bag. Many stadiums do not allow large bags, so carry a smaller bag with just the essentials.

Taking a baby to a baseball game is a fun, memorable experience. Just remember to plan ahead and you will have a great time! We are thinking about trying a Milwaukee Brewers game this summer. I will let you know how a pregnant momma with a toddler do at games then.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one and one on the way.  She loves her family and the St. Louis Cardinals, too!

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