Baby Sign Language FAQ

One of the most frustrating things as a new mom is understanding what your baby wants when they are upset.  Teaching your baby sign language can alleviate some of this frustration and allow you to communicate with your baby at an early age. Here are some common questions people have about baby sign language.

When should I start signing?

You can start teaching your baby sign language at birth. We just tried to incorporate signs into our everyday activities. For example, we use milk right before nursing time. Once your child’s motor skills for signing develop, they will be able to make the sign when they want milk instead of crying. Some babies can do signs as early as six months if introduced to signing early.

Will my baby still want to learn to talk if he/she can sign?

Of course. Signing does not interfere with language acquisition. If mom and dad are using words, baby will want to as well.

How many signs do I have to teach my baby?

As many as you like! The more your baby learns the easier it will be to communicate with your baby.  Also, each family has different needs. Essential signs for daily life may vary from one family to another.

Is it hard to teach my baby signs?

We try to make signing fun for the whole family. Our three-year old now works to teach our one-year old new signs. We all cheer when he picks up a new sign. When we were trying to teach our first the sign for more she was stubborn and would never use the sign. One night we let her try ice cream, she loved it, so we told her she could not have any more ice cream until she signed “more.” Sure enough, she signed more. From that day on she used the sign.

Remember, to keep learning fun for both you and your baby; don’t let it become something that is stressful. Even if it is just one word to start with you will reap the benefits when your baby begins to communicate with you! You can learn 15 easy signs for your baby and start today!

Kristen Beggs is a cloth-diapering mom of two who enjoys using sign-language to communicate with her kids. She lives and writes in Midland, TX.

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