Baby Carriers, Babywearing and the CPSC

For an item that doesn’t get many mentions in the public media, baby carriers are all over the news these days. Unfortunately, it seems they have come out in a negative light.

Safety warnings and recalls are nothing new. Cribs are recalled. Strollers. Toys. Cars. Occasionally a part malfunctions, something sticks, something breaks. People get outraged. Yet many babies still sleep in cribs, ride in strollers, play with toys and ride in cars…and it’s ok. Just because one brand/type is bad, doesn’t make them all bad.

Yet when we are talking about an item that doesn’t get much publicity in the first place, bad publicity can destroy it.

Babywearing has been around for hundreds, probably thousands of years. After spending 9 months in the womb, babies need to be held. The benefits to babies who are worn are numerous – they cry less and learn more. Babywearing allows mamas (or daddies) to have their hands free to take care of other little ones, make dinner, write their thesis, email their boss back and a mirage of other tasks.

Being educated when you buy a baby carrier is as important as which stroller or car seat to buy. Just because a brand is on the shelf at a popular big box store doesn’t make it the safest, or the right carrier for you.

The first carrier I purchased over 6 years ago was a bag sling I found at Target – the Infantino Sling Rider, the carrier that prompted the CSPC to issue a safety warning. Graeme was just a few months only, and I had only read a little about babywearing. Even so, something just felt wrong – he would bang into my legs and swing when I walked. I couldn’t figure out how to adjust it, and I felt like I couldn’t see him. He looked uncomfortable, and my lack of knowledge about how to wear him scared me. It wasn’t a good fit for me, so I took it back.

ERGObaby Carrier - Galaxy PrintAnother baby later, I decided to give babywearing another shot. My husband thought I was crazy to spend $100 on a carrier, but I did it. I purchased an ERGOBaby Carrier. It was a structured carrier and it was so easy to use.  It was versatile and felt very safe. Plus, I was able to use this carrier with Graeme and with my second baby. Front, back and side – 40 lbs. or 14 lbs….I had found my perfect carrier. That was fortunate, because I probably would have given up had I not had a good experience with this carrier. Plus, after wearing it, my husband loved it too.

But, as many of you carrier mamas know, once you start you can’t stop. I had found the babyweMoby Wrap - Forestaring love! I had to try them all. I bought a Mei Tai – it was so easy to nurse in. A good friend made me a fabulous summer ring sling – loved its adjustability!  Then another good friend lent me a Moby Wrap. Oh, to have a newborn and put them in a Moby Wrap…it’s heaven!!

If you are a babywearer or want to be a babywearer, don’t let the CPSC warnings stop you. Get online and do some research. Join Get involved with a local babywearing or attachment parenting group (even if you aren’t completely AP). Visit a local boutique that carries a variety of slings, carriers and wraps and try them all on. Take a babywearing class. If none of those are available to you, you may be a little overwhelmed and get frustrated with it, but you can jump on board and start trying anyway! Sometimes you just need the confidence that you can do it. You can safely carry your baby!

It’s St. Patty’s Day and I love the Moby! So, we are giving away a Forest Moby Wrap to one lucky winner! Please comment below and tell us your babywearing experience or why you want to try! Contest will run through 10 am MST on 3/20/10. Giveaway open to US residents only (sorry my International mamas!) Winner will be announced Saturday – it is the winners responsibility to contact us to claim their Moby! 🙂

WINNER IS ANNE – post #34. Please email me at to claim your prize!

by Abbie


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  93. As soon as child is dwelling, there are a number of extra precautions to take. Don’t smoke, use matches or drink hot drinks whereas holding your baby. Any of those can easily burn your little one or turn out to be a hearth hazard.

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  102. Jeff says:

    I LOVE wearing my baby. I couldn’t do it at first – First I was too scared of hurting her and did,’t have anyone to help show me how to use my carriers. Then I had a cough that lasted 2 months! Finally I started wearing her at about 3.5 months old and haven’t looked back. I want more carriers, but I need to sell some other stuff first to fund the habit 🙂

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    I LOVE wearing my baby. I couldn’t do it at first – First I was too scared of hurting her and did,’t have anyone to help show me how to use my carriers. Then I had a cough that lasted 2 months! Finally I started wearing her at about 3.5 months old and haven’t looked back. I want more carriers, but I need to sell some other stuff first to fund the habit 🙂

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  109. Ashley says:

    I have that infantino sling that you first tried out…and I’ve had the opposite experience! Jasper loves it, it cradles him nicely and he gets to snuggle up against my belly. He can be crying and screaming when I pull him out of the car seat and when I fasten the velcro in the sling, he is snoozing before I even get ten feet from the car! Babywearing is the stuff.

  110. Letha says:

    I LOVE wearing my baby. I couldn’t do it at first – First I was too scared of hurting her and did,’t have anyone to help show me how to use my carriers. Then I had a cough that lasted 2 months! Finally I started wearing her at about 3.5 months old and haven’t looked back. I want more carriers, but I need to sell some other stuff first to fund the habit 🙂

  111. Sean M. Dooley says:

    Hmm. I’ve never worn a baby. Not sure I was aware they could function as apparel. I do however have some friends who would love to wear a child as a talisman so please please give me this device so I can bestow it upon them and be a hero. 😀

  112. Stacy says:

    On April 18, 2009 I married the love of my life. On May 13, 2009 we found out we were expecting. This was a huge shock to us as he has Muscular Dystrophy and was supposedly unable to have children! Sooooo, 8 years after my second child was born, my husband and I welcomed a son.
    Unfortunately, part of my husband’s disability includes the inability to lift and hold our son due to muscular atrophy in his arms. However, with our Moby Wrap he is able to carry him. Also, I am the one who has to carry shopping bags and such. I would not be able to do so if I were also carrying our son in an infant carrier. But with the Moby, I can!
    Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without our Moby. I have often said the true “Curse of Womanhood” is that women don’t grow a third arm along with the baby!

  113. Tyler says:

    I am pleased to see this article. I am thinking of buying a carrier that will accommodate both my 1 year old and the one on the way. I’ve been doing a lot of research, and then started getting all these emails from family members about the CPSC warnings. The warnings confused and scared me, but there are enough babywearing mamas around me who are still encouraging me to give it a try. I’m thinking of trying a Mei Tai and a Moby for when the newborn arrives. Thanks for posting this article.

  114. Megan M says:

    I LOVE Babywearing. My mother always told me that I would only be happy when she had me in the back pack, so she thinks its funny that I baby wear. Now I LOVE wearing my baby, and my baby LOVES to be in the middle of the action! It would be great to get another wrap (I have the sleepy wrap). My wrap gets a lot of use, and there is spit up, poop-splosions, and never mind the stuff that I drop on it 😉 When its in the wash, its a rough day, I would LOVE to have one to swap out!

  115. Danielle says:

    I loved wearing my middle son. Sometime before the birth of my youngest, my ring sling decided to hide on me 🙁 I got an ultimate baby wrap but have since read that I’d probably be happier with a Moby. I’m still really new when it comes to wrapping though. Give me a sling or a mei tai and I’m good though so it’s only a matter of time before I figure this whole wrapping thing out 😉

    I’d love to win a Moby and be able to try it 😀

  116. Katie B says:

    I am entering for my neighbor. She had a new baby 2 weeks ago born with some kidney issues after months of a hard pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I had problems and a friend of mine bought me the Moby in Black as a kind gesture. I would love to win this to give my neighbor for her third daughter as I know she is looking into Mobys and I think it would make her day especially with all that is going on 🙂 Also, she is about to begin trying out cloth diapering and marketing CDing to her sister who just found out she is PG with twins, so it would be good to get her one from a CDing store that I love!

  117. Sarah LaFave says:

    I have pouch slings, a ring sling, a beco, a mei tai, and a baby bjorn. Love them all, especially the slings! I’d love to try a Moby wrap though! I discovered baby wearing with baby number 3 and am loving it even more now with baby number 4. She loves it too!

  118. Heather says:

    My 3rd little boy is 6 months old and loves being in the middle of everything we do. Babywearing has been an excellent way to give me the mobility I need to homeschool, take care of the house, etc. while allowing him to be a part of what is going on around him. I didn’t babywear much with my first two, but our pace of life made me try it this time. I wish I’d known how great it was with my first two!

  119. Sheryl says:

    I love to wear my daughter but right now I’m pregnant again so it is akward to wear her right now. I would love to try out an Ergo but I have a Moby and a Ballsybaby Mei Tai and love using those. I’m planning on wearing my next baby too.

  120. Emily says:

    I love to wear my son and he loves it too. We have the Ergo and my husband and I both enjoy using it. It is so comfortable to just wear our son and go for a walk or to the mall. My son will not fall asleep in the stroller but he will fall asleep being close to his milk supply of course. Baby wearing is such a great invention and both mama and baby can enjoy it. I’ve heard such awesome things about the Moby wrap it would be awesome to try it out.

  121. Sara Jane Cornell says:

    I own 2 pouches, 2 ring slings, 1 wrap, 1 Ergo and my hubby has his own pouch. They are like golf clubs, you need different ones for different reasons, as a brilliant friend told me! You can never have enough carriers! It’s always good to keep one in the car too!

  122. Carla says:

    I love baby wearing. I got into it simply because my son loved to be held, but my arms would give out. Having a carrier made it a lot easier to keep him close like he wanted. By the time my second child came along, I was really into baby wearing. I still wear my 2 year old and he loves it.

  123. christina berkhoudt says:

    I love babywearing. My baby loves it too! I’ve worn my daughter since birth, and still do at 11 months old! Outings, vacations, and day trips are so much easier when you leave the stroller at home and pack up a baby carrier instead.

  124. Amelia Chapman says:

    I think I posted my comment on the wrong article. oops! I have only tried the plain ol’ Baby Bjorn and that has suited my needs pretty much. I would LOVE to try and ERGO carrier thought for baby #2. I saw a mother carrying her child in the bag-style carriers that has caused such a fuss recently…it looked awkward to me for sure!

  125. I have very little baby wearing experience as I didn’t know much about it with my first. I want to baby wear with #2

  126. Dani says:

    When my first son was born, our Mom & Baby group had a babywearing day and I was introduced to many different carriers and the benefits of babywearing – I was hooked immediately! I also found that it is so much easier to throw a ring sling into the car than a stroller when we’re out and about.

  127. Melissa J. says:

    In an effort to support my determination to babywear my mother bought me one of those sling riders – I took it back that afternoon. I tried it on for her and let her tell me how she thought it was unsafe – which didn’t take long because she felt they were all unsafe. She helped me make a sling like the Maya Wrap which also didn’t work out – the fabric had been too wide causing it to be unsafe. I purchased a Maya Wrap but was unable to get it to adjust properly so I sold it on Ebay and bought a Moby Wrap. I was in love! However, I had a c-section so found using the Moby a little difficult during those first few days because of all the movements I had to make to get it on. So I ordered a Mei Tai and use that frequently. I decided to share the love and gifted my Moby to a friend. Having a colicky bad and a severe case of PPD the only thing that saved both of us was babywearing. My mother and fiance finally got on board when they saw all the benefits although no one else will wear her – I could of like that because it’s something special for us. I’m dying to get a Moby again because now that my little one is mobile wearing her around the house has become a necessity and my mei tai is not as forgiving as a Moby when going from sitting to standing or walking.

  128. Tyler says:

    My wife would love this. I’m not really into babywearing, but she enjoys it so I support her.

  129. Kari says:

    This is my first baby, after an incredibly difficult journey to have a baby, he is due in July. I have spent this entire pregnancy marveling at everything he does and now that I’m feeling him in my belly I am even more in love!! I want to keep him near me at all times and I cannot wait to be a full time baby wearer!! My husband is also incredibly excited to have the bond with Liam by wearing him close. I can’t think of any reason not to wear my baby!! It just seems so natural and right!!

  130. Jamie Veprek says:

    Conner was a fussy, reflux baby that NEVER napped. SOmeone told me about wraps, I went and bought one, and have been crazy addicted to carriers ever sense. They help me keep my babies close, nurse discretely, and have my hands free. It’s amazing!

  131. Alicia Haler says:

    since im a mama that is adopting i am excited for the baby wearing to gain any extra bonding that I can!

  132. Stephanie says:

    With my first all I ever used was a Baby Bjorn. I couldn’t figure out what all the hype was, that thing killed my back and shoulders! And my baby never really seemed that comfortable. So when baby #2 was coming along I did some more reasearch and found my hotsling, which I absolutely loved! I used my sling for about 15 months and she still wants to get in it. Now that we are expecting baby #3 (and will have 3 kids 3 and under!)my husband has finally offered to give babywearing a try so we are going to get an Ergo, which I am so excited for!

  133. Angela says:

    Babywearing is a must for us. We travel for my husbands job and everything my son gets to take with from place to place has to fit in ONE suitcase (under 70lbs). Stroller isn’t an option. Having my ergo is a life saver. Going through airports is SO MUCH easier while wearing him. It also is a great way to bond with other mothers in different cultures because we all wear our children. 🙂

  134. Emily Skokna says:

    I have a 6 month old and LOVE wearing him! I received a pouch as a gift very early on in my pregnancy and used it all the time when he was tiny. I also tried the Snugli, which I liked until my husband gave me a super soft, organic wrap for Christmas, and i just love it! It doesn’t fit as nicely into my diaper bag as the pouch, but it’s oh-so-comfy to wear!

  135. Manya says:

    I love earing my babies. I’ve worn all 4 of them over the years. I really am loving my Beco carrier right now, but would LOVE to try the Moby wrap 🙂

  136. Kristy says:

    I didn’t really discover babywearing until my DD was 4 months old – for this next baby I plan to start right away and learn to breastfeed in the carrier!

  137. Anne says:

    I love my moby for my 4 month old. She falls asleep immediately. I used it for my older daughter when she was smaller too. I also have a pouch sling and I made a few mei tai’s but nothing compares to the moby for the little babies! I would like to try an ergo or an oh snap but I’m too cheap to drop the coin on one.

  138. LesLee says:

    I wore my first son a lot in a normal front carrier. My second son was worn some but he was a lot heavier so it was uncomfortable. I want to try other types of carriers with my next one, plus I’ll need my hands free for the other two kids!

  139. Jennie says:

    I love wearing my newborn daughter in the sling we have. Its great for nursing on the go, and leaves me with hands free to handle my 2 year old.

  140. Sara says:

    I love babywearing when we go out as I feel baby is so safe and feels that way too. Love having my baby so close and I always know where she is! Great giveaway!

  141. Meagan says:

    I babywear for convenience. I’m not really into attachment parenting and my daughter was usually more happy sitting in a bouncy seat than being held- she liked to be able to see everything at a very young age. However, now that I’m pregnant with number 2, I’m thinking I’ll be wearing him/her a lot more than my daughter out of shear necessity. I made myself a wrap similar to a moby wrap, but I don’t really like the fabric it’s made out of. I would love to win a Moby Wrap from you guys. It’s one of the few items on my wishlist for this baby!

  142. Susan says:

    I have been wearing my babies as long as I have had babies! My first carrier was a Moby. I wore it until I literally have holes in it! My sister is expecting her first baby in the fall. She always looks best in green because of her green eyes! I’d love to win one to give her to welcome her to motherhood and babywearing.

  143. I actually haven’t had much luck with baby wearing so far, but I really WANT to, especially since I have two toddlers and am about to have a newborn in June. I have a simple ring sling that I’ve only partly figured out and a Baby Bjorn, but neither are quite right for me I don’t think. Maybe I’ll get to try a Moby wrap or a Mei tai next?

  144. Corinne W. says:

    I would LOVE to try the Moby!!! I have 3 boys that I need to be able to run around after and being able to do so hands free, would be a wonderful option for me!!!!

  145. Tiffany says:

    I just started babywearing with our little one when he was born 2 months ago. I’ve worn carriers before with my other 3 children but this time I feel like I never seem to have any time with him b/c the other kiddos always need my help or attention. I wear him around in my wrap as often as I can for some bonding time while I play with our other kids or while I clean and get things done 🙂 I’d love to try the Moby wrap b/c a friend of mine has one and she said its soft and stretchy!

  146. Karen B says:

    I love Baby wearing!! I have a sleepy wrap and I absolutely love it!!! I HATE lugging around an infant carrier, so I leave mine in the car all the time and take my LO out and put him in my wrap. With my oldest I had a time by myself with that heavy, awkward car seat plus the baby making it very heavy and it was a pain going anywhere. With my youngest, I’ll go anywhere and NEVER use my stroller, just my wrap. I also like it bcz stranges can’t put their hands all over your baby. I am a bit of a germ a phobe!! Some people just don’t get it, touching their little hands, etc. That’s a big pet peeve of mine. Mostly people can’t really touch my son, without getting too close to me. I love being hands free and having my baby so close. I never have issues with going anywhere as long as I have my wrap!! I have always wanted to try a MOBY since I am so comfortable with a Sleepy Wrap. I think they sometimes intimidate Mom’s but it’s a staple for a new baby IMO.

  147. Melissa says:

    I first tried a ring sling that was given to me with my son & I hated it. Then I tried a carrier but I don’t remember what brand it was – something you can buy at Target I think. I didn’t care for it either so I gave up on babywearing. This time when pregnant with my daughter I researched slings & wraps. I ended up purchasing a Moby wrap & I LOVE it! I would love to win another one since my little girl is the queen of spit up & my wrap is constantly having to go to the wash & a second one would be so very convenient. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  148. Ashley says:

    I cannot imagine what life would be like had I not discovered babywearing. I started out with a $150 Bjorn, thinking this had to be the best! I soon discovered that while I love my daughter being close, I could not stand the pain from it digging into my shoulders. I thought to myself that there had to be a better way.

    After looking on the internet, I stumbled upon a babywearing website and basically the rest is history. I found a local boutique that sold Moby wraps and went a got one that day! I loved how soft and snuggly it was, and my husband learned out to tie it properly as well! We’ve since added a Beco for super easy back carries and a woven to wrap my now 26 lb 15 month old!

    Many days my daughter loves to stay close, and I would never have a clean kitchen or laundry had I not discovered the joys and ease of proper babywearing. Now she gets the attention she needs while I can get things accomplished around our home.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed to win this wrap, because I would love to give this to my friend who is expecting her first little one!

  149. Christina says:

    I have a piccolo and I don’t love it. I am really looking to try something new. I love having her close and my hands free.

  150. Rachael says:

    I would love to try a Moby. I have a Hotsling and a Beco, and I like them both. I especially love the Beco for my toddler. Well, that was before I was pregnant with baby #2. I can’t wait to get back into babywearing again. I have heard from multiple people that Moby wraps are awesome for wearing a newborn, and I’m due with baby girl #2 on April 3rd, so now is the perfect time for me to try one. Unfortunately, I can’t afford one right now, so I’d love to win one!

  151. Nikole Gee says:

    When my now almost 15 year old was born the only baby carriers I knew of where the Snuggli and the infantino. And i had an tried both with her and my next daughter that is 20 months younger. Neither of them liked the carriers and I didn’t feel comfortable having them in them and besides I felt like I had to hold on to them while carrying them in these carriers. Which kind of defeats the purpose. Nine years later along comes my son and I looked into carriers again and found alot more options than I had with the girls. I bought and tried the Maya ring sling, The New Native Baby carrier, The My Baby Nest, Mei tai , and the Moby style Wrap. While I liked each of them at various times, my all time favorite was the Moby style. I wished I had got it in the beginning. I think my son was about 6 months when I discovered it. To me it is the most comfortable and adjustable of the bunch. It fit me and him the best of all of them. And I think it was the cheapest since I made it myself. Most of the time when I used it he would just go to sleep. I could do anything I needed to do while he was in it. I would love to have a new one for baby #4 due in September.

  152. Kyla W. says:

    We tried a ring sling when my son was an infant and he HATED it. So then we tried a Mei Tai, which worked out okay while he was small but started to hurt my back as he grew. So I finally invested in an Ergo. We went to a local store and I tried my son in every carrier they had – the ONLY one he didn’t scream in was the Ergo, so that was the one we got. My husband even carried him in the Ergo when we were camping, and enjoyed it. The Ergo has been a total lifesaver for me with traveling – I’ve been able to go on several trips alone with my not-yet-walking son, our humongous suitcase, carry-on, carseat, stroller, etc. and handled it all b/c I could wear him and have my hands free. My sister struggled w/ her slings w/ her first and is about to have her 2nd, and I’d love to win this and have her try the moby with the new baby.

  153. Maria Goodhue says:

    I am expecting our 9th baby at any time and am excited to wear him. I did wear the last one a little but was not as knowledgeable nor as determined. Would love to win a wrap to carry him in. Thanks for the opportunity!

  154. Lucinda says:

    my husband and i both love our beco baby carrier. it is so convenient and quick to put on. i just think we each need our own so we don’t have to readjust the straps after the other one has been wearing it. abraham loves it, too! he likes to be close to us, and he enjoys the view. i love the moby wrap, too. i wanted to try all the different kinds of baby carriers, but i made myself exercise self control and only have those two. that way i have something to look forward to when the next one comes along. i’d love to win a moby wrap to give to a friend who is expecting her first baby. 🙂

  155. Trina says:

    I would love to try a Moby. I have 5 month old twins as well as a 2 year old and it seems like I never have enough arms/hands to do everything. Being able to wear one of the babies would make it so much easier to calm one while still giving the other ones the attention they need.

  156. Dylan says:

    I never found a sling or carrier I absolutely loved until the Moby wrap. I tried a very nice sling, a baby bjorn, and even a Beco Butterfly (GORGEOUS) but for some reason my shoulders ALWAYS would ache. I’m very willing to admit it could be my body type and improper adjustment, but I put a lot of work into it and still never got the right fit. But my Moby wrap is absolute heaven. And oh, you are so right, to have a newborn in a Moby wrap, it’s like going back to being pregnant without all the peeing and aching bones! And baby is just in bliss all cocooned in there. Even now that he is much much bigger, I can put him in there for a cruise around the thrift store and he’s asleep within minutes and I am totally comfortable. LOVE IT! Would love to win a backup!

  157. Cherie Mohr says:

    I love baby wearing. I made my own ring sling and it worked great for my lil one when she was tiny and even now at 8months.

  158. Christy says:

    I used a hotsling when my 14 month old was an infant but it really started to hurt my back when she started gaining weight. It wasn’t until she was 7 months old that I was able to try a moby and I wouldn’t go back. It was so much easier to use than the other slings/carriers I had tried! I can’t wait to be able to use it with a newborn when we have baby #2.

  159. stephanie says:

    I love baby wearing and so does my husband! I have a 3 year old that I was a single mom with for the first 5 months and she always with me. I dont know how I would have gotten anything done if I didnt have a carrier on! My 2 year old, I didnt get to carry around much because my husband always had the carrier on!!! We are expecting our next baby boy in less than a month. I plan to wear him everywhere I can! We have used several carriers and love how the moby adjust to easily fit me or my 6’6” husband!

  160. Heather B says:

    My best friend is trying to get pregnant and I’d love to win this for her! I’ve used one and loved it. Now I use my Beco butterfly II everywhere!

  161. Sarah A (micasgirl) says:

    Baby wearing saved me on more than one flight when our little one was tiny. I had a sling type carrier, but an adjustable one. I managed to get through the airport with the baby and luggage all by myself! We just flew to Turkey (I hope by USA mamas, you mean APO, too!) with the military, and a Beco butterfly was are saving through an arduous day of flying and waiting and flying with a 13-month-old.

  162. Emily C says:

    With my first son, I was given a Moby. I never used it! I was very overwhelmed as a new mom and it seemed complicated to learn. Plus, with one child, there isn’t as much of a “need” to babywear. Well, I just had my second son in February and I vowed to try babywearing… I knew I would need my hands free a LOT having 2 children under 2! So I practiced with the Moby and also a SleepyWrap and once you wrap a couple of times, EASY PEASY! I LOVE cuddling with my newborn and being able to do things with my 21 month old, TOO! Definitely am a new fan of babywearing!

  163. Sarah T says:

    Totally agree with the trying of different kinds! I had a snuggli, but never felt like it was comfortable and just so many straps! Tried a sling and always worried that the baby would fall out, so I was carrying them anyways. And the JJ Cole premaxx… ugh. So with this baby I found the Moby! What a lifesaver! He’s snug, zero chance of falling out, and his weight is dispersed nicely. He loves it and goes right to sleep. Halelujah!

  164. Beth says:

    I had a snuggli, but my little one would cry when I tried to carry him in it. My sister had an Ergo and suggested I try it. Oh, my little boy loved it, even fell asleep in it! So, I got one for Christmas. Now, I want a Moby. And a Kozy. And who knows what else.

    Wearing him has helped with cooking dinner (he’s my future chef–he loves watching us cook!), and it helps because he’s very attached and loves for me to hold him (which I love). I hope to start earlier than 14 months with my next. 🙂

  165. Laura says:

    I’ve loved baby wearing since we got our Ergo when our son was two months old. He spent several hours in it a day while he was tiny. I still love it when we’re going somewhere that I don’t want to take the stroller. And there are days when our one year old just needs to be worn. I love that the Ergo makes it possible for me to take care of that need. (And even run errands at the same time!) We also have a sling that I enjoyed when my son was tiny. I really want to try a Moby for our next baby. (And the new Ergo insert – I always had trouble with the old style!)

  166. Tamara Sz says:

    Like you, we had an Infantino bag type carrier but only used it a few times because it just felt weird and was uncomfortable. We were constantly checking on him because it just freaked us out somehow. We also later used a Baby Bjorn that wasn’t bad but it made my back hurt a little bit. We are expecting # 2 and I’m excited to give baby wearing another try. We have an Ergo now, which I’m thrilled about using, but I’d sure love a Moby wrap for those early weeks/months!

  167. Hannah Pleasants says:

    My babywearing experience has been wonderful! I love being so close to my daughter and it enables me to get everything done with my older children!

  168. Mia says:

    I love my moby, espcially for little ones. A friend just saw my Moby and liked it. I think it would be a great present.

    I just bought a Pikkolo and still trying to get the best fit, I don’t like that the body goes so high on his back. I am interested in the Ergo but hesitant because of my height.

  169. Shannon says:

    My babywearing career started with a bag sling and Baby Bjorn carrier, and we used them for the first several months. Then my little guy started to become independent and mobile, and didn’t want to be confined to a sling. So babywearing took a hiatus until just recently when I got a Sakura Bloom ring sling. My 2yo loves to be carried on my hip, and I love that it leaves my hands free. We use it for vacuuming or walking the zoo.

    I’m so glad we came back to babywearing!!

  170. Mandy Claridge says:

    Babywearing as been a life saver for me. For the days my daughter (now 14 mos) only wants to be held, the Beco Butterfly II has been there!! It has allowed me to continue to get things done around the house, save my arms from the strain of carrying a grown baby, and allows her to be close to mom. As well, I run a child care from my home, babywearing has helped put restless babies to sleep, comfort babies who are experiencing separation anxiety, go for walks with more babies than I have stroller seats, or comfort one while still giving attention to the others.