Baby Burritos: Swaddling Your New Baby

People have been swaddling babies for thousands of years. It is an easy step to calm your baby, create warmth, and ease fussiness. Swaddled babies sleep better on their backs, so it also lowers the risk for SIDS. It is incredibly important for infants born pre-term, as well.

I remember keeping a small “how-to” sticker on swaddling in my daughter’s dresser for all of the sleep-deprived

nights. Follow these easy steps:

  1.  Choose a light-weight blanket and lay it down in a diamond shape on a sturdy surface.
  2. Carefully fold the top corner of the blanket down and lay your little one on top of the blanket.
  3. Take a side of the blanket and pull it across the baby’s body and tuck it under the opposite arm.
  4. Take the bottom of the blanket and fold it over your baby’s feet and tuck it behind them.
  5. Repeat step 3.

For a visual step by step, check out the video here. If your baby looks like the cutest burrito you have ever seen, then you have succeeded!

As a new mom, I know I was thankful for swaddling. Anything I could do to make my daughter feel secure, comforted,

and loved was worth it. On a serious note, make sure you swaddle correctly. Improper swaddling of an infant can cause serious problems.

So what do you think? Is my Johanna not the cutest baby burrito you have ever seen?

Karyn Meyerhoff is a mom of one. Her toddler daughter Johanna keeps her on her toes and fills their busy days with joy. 

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