How Our Amber Jewelry is Made



Here at Mom’s Milk Boutique, we source only 100 percent Baltic Amber to sell in our store–we know you are counting on it! Baltic amber is effective for pain relief, strengthening your immune system, restoring natural energy, and relief of chronic inflammation. So how is it made?

-007First, our production team personally selects the best raw materials. Each piece that we buy is checked for quality and inspected by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania so that we can be certified by the Ministry as selling genuine Baltic Amber.

After each piece is inspected for quality and the best materials are selected, our trained workers hand-cut it into the desired shapes. Next, the darker colors are strengthened in a machine, and the amber is then sorted and separated.

-013To clean the amber, we use a process called wet polishing, in which quartz sand is used to polish the amber and remove any dirt. The longer it says in the wet polish stage, the more round and shiny the amber becomes. Then, the amber is dry-polished with special wood or ceramic beads.

Then, all the amber is washed to remove the residues from the wet and dry polishing stages. No chemicals are used, and all the amber is washed by hand. After the amber dries, it’s sorted by color: cherry, dark cherry, green/earth, lemon, honey, cognac, and milky/butter.  -019

Once the beads are sorted, our master craftsmen drill the holes in the beads. Drilling is an important step in the process, since holes must be drilled straight through the beads to make them strong and long-lasting.

Finally, the beads are threaded and knotted by hand. The quality of an amber necklace can be determined by the gaps between the beads and the knots. A quality necklace will have small knots and small gaps between the knot and bead. The clasp goes on last.


We inspect each and every piece of amber jewelry for quality to ensure that the beads are not cracked or broken and that they are all the right shape, color and weight; that the gaps between the knots and beads are small, and that the clasps are secured the right way.

Each and every necklace is unique and has a different look. There are no two necklaces the same. They beautiful necklaces are created for children and for adults.

The completed necklaces are just stunning…..



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