Amazing Moms: Christina

Most women know a few moms who just amaze them. For me, I have several ladies who I look up to, admire, and turn to for advice. One of these ladies is my dear Christina. I have known Christina for just over two years, and the more I learn about this mom, the more I find her amazing.

Christina has two small children who are 3 and 6 months. I always thought she mothered with great composure, but with the arrival of her sweet baby girl, I am continued to be amazed. She mothers with patience, love, and extreme goodness. When her kids are not listening, she maintains her composure and guides them. I have never seen her lose her cool with her kids. Her family isn’t near-by, and her husband works very long hours. His job involves putting himself in danger to protect others, but she is strong and courageous alongside his career.

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Giving Back

Christina is always there to help. When I had my son Levi, she was at my house, entertaining my other child outside so I could get some alone time with my newborn inside my house. She brought me food. She stopped at Starbucks on her way, because she knows I need my coffee. If I ever have a problem, she is right there to help, listen, and keep me in line. Christina volunteers at her local church with the children. She nurtures, guides, and loves them. She is also a member of my local MOPS group. She has a willing spirit and often helps with activities and whatever the needs are of our group. She has volunteered to take meals to new moms, even though they didn’t live near-by.

Amazing Talent

As a mom, I often forget I have talents and hobbies. Christina has never lost sight of her creative juices. She has a very successful Etsy shop where she does graphic design. Her work takes time, but she is always on time with her orders. She creates prints, invitations, and other paper goods with creativity and beauty. Christina uses her gifts for good. I admire that she doesn’t lose sight of herself as a person, even though her days are spent in the tasks of a stay-at-home mom.

My friend Christina is just amazing. She is always a listening ear. She puts herself out there to make new friends at our local MOPS group. If anyone is in need, she would give up her home to help out. She is out there making a difference for moms like me who just need encouraged. I am lucky to call her friend. Her kids are blessed to call her mom.

Karyn Meyerhoff lives and writes in Northeast Indiana where she knows a few amazing moms.

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