A Day in the Life of a Mother

A Day in the Life of a Mother

When my first child was 16 months old I become pregnant with my second. While I was very happy and excited to be expecting again, I was also feeling nervous about the transition from one child to two. To be honest the thought of being outnumbered all day, every day was slightly terrifying at times. I would admire other women gracefully mothering two, three, or even four kids and wonder how they did it when I often had a hard time with just one child. I had no idea what to expect about mothering two, except that it was likely going to be challenging at times.

For fun, let me share with you one of my more (ahem) ‘challenging’ days that occurred when J was 26 months and A was a few weeks old. First you need to know that I cleaned my house that afternoon while the kids napped. I actually washed the floors on my hands and knees because it was so dirty that a mop was not going to do the job. Later that day, in about an hour’s time nonetheless, I cleaned my floor FOUR more times. Here’s why…

After returning home from the grocery store I unloaded the groceries while J dumps an entire 5lb bag of sugar on the floor. The dogs excitedly rushed in to lick it up which spread sticky, wet sugar everywhere. Great! Floor wash #2 of the day.

While I cleaned that mess up J played outside in his sand box. Well actually being the sensory-seeking-kiddo he is; he was rolling around naked in the sand box. He mixed water from the water-table into the sand box so the sand was extra sticky. He comes inside covered from head to toe in sand and tracks it through the entire house. Sigh. Floor wash #3 of the day.

At this point I could just throw in the towel and call it a day but instead I attempt to wash the dishes. I fill up the sink with water and J is quietly playing with his matchbox cars. Or so I thought. Actually he was busy pooping and tried to be helpful by taking his diaper off himself. He comes to me with poop smeared all over him. I quickly take him to the bathroom to clean him up completely forgetting that the water is still running in kitchen sink. A few minutes later I hear the water overflowing. I think I may have actually cussed at this point and I NEVER cuss. @%*#! Floor wash #4 of the day.

Then little A has a blowout in his diaper and I start to clean him up. J wants to help by bringing A’s cloth diaper to the laundry room. So I let him thinking it will be something productive for him to do while I finish changing A. J doesn’t return so I go to the laundry room to check on him only discover he has taken the hose out of the wall while the washer was running and water is spraying everywhere. Seriously? Floor wash #5 of the day.

My bubble bath awaits!

This is where I either laugh or cry…or a little of both. I called hubby to inform him that we are eating chocolate Rice Krispy treats for dinner and that I am taking a bath…BY MYSELF! No kids allowed!

Have you had a overly challenging day? How do you handle the daily stresses of parenthood?

– Sarah

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  1. Amanda Duke says:

    I totally understand days like that. I have 3 year old twin boys and a 6 month old little girl. Some days are definitely overwhelming!