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Tasty Tuesday: Coconut Whipped Cream

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Ever look at the ingredient list of Cool Whip? It’s full of stuff you probably don’t actually want to put in your body such as hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial flavors to name a few. And quite honestly, it doesn’t even taste good…yet we often scoop it atop desserts at which point it just becomes a tangled mess of fatty and sugary flavors which might be why we continue to use it: The chemical flavor is masked by the accompanying dessert.

Many, many years ago I ditched Cool Whip and replaced it with real whipped cream. I would buy a carton of heavy cream, add sugar and vanilla and whip it into a delicious cream to put on top of pancakes, pies, and my all time favorite Tiramisu. Well then I became a Vegan and cut out dairy products which meant no more whipped cream for me. 🙁 I eventually found a soy whipped cream, but similar to Cool Whip it was full of ingredients that I didn’t want to eat. So after a little experimentation I figured out how to make a yummy Vegan Whipped Cream out of Coconut Milk. It’s soooo simple and sooo yummy!


1 can of FULL fat Coconut Milk (or Coconut Cream if you can find it…Trader Joe’s carries it).

2  – 3 Tablespoons of sweetener of choice

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla extract


Refrigerate can of coconut milk overnight. Put it in the way back of the fridge so it gets extra cold. I just keep one or two cans stored in my fridge so I always have a cold one ready when needed. Chill a metal mixing bowl and mixers in the freezer for approximately 10 minutes before mixing coconut milk (or coconut cream), sweetener, and vanilla extract. Whip ingredients together on high for approximately 3 minutes. Use immediately. If going to use at a later time, cover and refrigerate. Then re-whip before serving.



Product Review: FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diapers

Monday, January 28th, 2013

First order of business if you have not yet entered our FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper Giveaway be sure to before it ends on Sunday, February 3, 2013. There are several different ways to enter the giveaway and you can get up to 14 entries into the raffle! It’s super easy to do…rafflecopter will walk you through the whole thing, it’s just a few clicks…and viola, you are entered for the chance to win a FREE FuzziBunz Elite Cloth Diaper.

Now if you are not familiar with the FuzziBuns Elite One Size Cloth Diaper, let me tell you a little more about it. I just added a few to my cloth diaper stash and cannot believe I waited so long to try FuzziBunz! Especially considering that FuzziBunz has a great reputation in many cloth diapering circles. Most people rave about FuzzinBunz products…and now I see why!

First off, the color choices are awesome! I tend to like the bright colors when it comes to fluff, and FuzziBunz has lots of fun colors to choose from.

Now onto the all important features regarding function. This is a ONE SIZE diaper meaning it is designed to fit newborn through potty-training. While one-size diapers are generally not my first choice, I definitely like having a few in the mix.

I LOVE that this diaper comes with replacement elastic…actually I think it’s kind of genius! 🙂 And the fact they the design of the diaper makes it super easy to replace the elastic if/when the times comes is even better. There is no sewing required. Not only is the elastic replaceable…it’s adjustable too! You simply button the elastic at the proper size to fit your extra-small 7lb baby or your 30lb+ potty training toddler! There are suggested settings for various weights, but the cool part is you can basically get a custom fit because you can adjust the legs and waist separately! I have tried a lot of different brands of fluff, but this feature is definitely a first…and I am digging it!

The FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper is a pocket diaper. It comes with not one, but TWO super-duper soft, anti-microbail minky inserts. They are plush and extra absorbent but without the bulk. The diaper is super trim fitting…perfect for a busy, wiggly baby!

The snaps are adjustable; providing lots of options so you can get just the right fit on your little one. I also really like the angle of the snaps as they lie nice and flat across baby’s waist/abdomen. We didn’t experience any bunching like I have with some other brands of one sized diapers.

The most important question about a cloth diaper is “does it effectively contain pee and poo”, right? So I like to test a diaper overnight and with a few messy poops before I give it a thumbs up. In short, FuzziBunz Elite One Size Diaper passed both tests with flying colors! In fact it’s become one of my favorite “out and about” diapers as I trust it for long periods of time without any leakage or blowouts!

The only caution I have is that I have often heard that FuzziBunz run a tad on the small side, and I have to say that I agree. Just something to keep in mind if you tend to have chunkier babies…I love me a chunky baby!! 🙂

All in all the FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper would make a great addition to any cloth diaper stash…and now is the perfect time to add a few to your stash while they are on sale at Mom’s Milk Boutique!!



Sunday Funday Giveaway: FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

Looking to expand your cloth diaper stash but unsure what diaper to select? Definitely check out FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diapers! They are on sale right now at Mom’s Milk Boutique for a smokin’ price. In fact I just added a few to my stash and am LOVING them! I promise to give you a full review tomorrow but here’s a quickie overview of them:

First this is the only diaper I know of that comes with its own replacement parts! If you have had a well-loved diaper in your stash for a long time, you know all too well that the elastic can get stretched out/worn out and no longer be effective in containing messes. Usually when this occurs the rest of the diaper is still intact and fully functional. Often crafty mamas will attempt to salvage the diaper by replacing the elastic themselves (which can be extremely cumbersome depending on the design of the diaper). Another option is to pay someone to do it. I have seen people charge up to $10 per diaper to replace the elastic in a diaper…which seems kind of steep to me!

Well leave it to FuzziBunz to think of everything in their diaper design! They have definitely stepped things up a notch by providing replacement elastic with their FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper. Not the crafty type? No worries!! It is super duper easy to replace the elastic…no actual sewing required! How cool is that?!?

Also gotta love the awesomely bright color selection of FuzziBunz…they are seriously cute diapers! Lots of gender specific and gender neutral options to choose from.

FuzziBunz has a solid reputation in the cloth diapering community and for good reason…it’s an all around GREAT diaper choice! Be sure to check back here tomorrow for more information about the fit and effectiveness of FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diapers. In the meantime, please enter this week’s giveaway below for your chance to win a FREE FuzziBunz Elite One Size Cloth Diaper!!


Silent Saturday: A Shout-Out to Grandparents!

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

I am feeling extra grateful for the awesome grandparents my boys have! Here they are on a hike with their Grandpa John! 🙂

What special things do your children enjoy doing with their Grandparents? I have fond memories of eating spaghetti and playing tether-ball at my grandparents house when I was little…how about you? What memories do you have of your own grandparents?



Friday Family Spotlight: Meet Karyn’s Family

Friday, January 25th, 2013

I am excited to introduce you Karyn and her family! Read on to learn more about one of our happy Mom’s Milk Boutique costumers:

Who are the members of your family? My family consists of: James, myself, our daughter Johanna Grace. We also have some dogs and cats: Janie Mae, Annabelle, Kate & Miley

How did you meet your significant other? My husband James and I met in a mutual friend’s wedding. He was a groomsmen, and I was a bridesmaid. Our friends paired us up to walk together.

What is your favorite Mom’s Milk Boutique Product? My favorite product is the CJ’s Butter stick. It works great for any diaper rash or irritation on my little girl, and it comes in fun scents. Our favorite is “Monkey Farts.” It smells like bananas!

What is your favorite baby carrier and why? My favorite carrier is the Boba 3G. It is so easy to get Johanna in and out of. This is the only carrier I have tried that she truly loves to be in. We got the cute kangaroo print carrier. It is super comfortable and doesn’t hurt my back. Best investment ever!

Describe your cloth diaper stash: We have a few different brands. We use Thirsties, Grovia, Bum Genius, & Bottombumpers. All of Johanna’s diapers are bright, fun colors. Of course, she looks adorable in them.

What has been your toughest challenge as a mom so far? I would say my toughest challenge has been giving up the idea that I can do it all. I tend to be a perfectionist, and I have had to learn that there will be days when the floor doesn’t get mopped. Also, I have had to learn that being a mom means that you have to be flexible. Sometimes you have a fussy baby who smells like spit-up. It happens to everyone, but in the end, you wouldn’t change a thing.

What are some of your favorite “me” time indulgences? Definitely Starbucks! I love my coffee. I also like to read, exercise, and watch movies with James.

What is one of your favorite quotes? “Always look for the sunshine after the rain.” Not sure who said that, but I’ve always liked it. Things will always look-up.

Thanks Karyn for sharing your lovely family with us!!

Would you like to have your family featured in a Friday Family Spotlight AND win a FREE $10 gift certificate to Mom’s Milk Boutique for your participation? If so email with the subject line “Friday Family Spotlight Inquiry” and share something interesting about your family in your email message.

Happy Friday Everyone!!