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Product Review: Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Monday, September 27th, 2010

I have frequently heard breastfeeding mothers discount the need for a good quality, supportive nursing bra. To me, this is unimaginable. I have three children and have been breastfeeding almost nonstop for 56+ months. While, my pant size has stayed the same, I have grown a full cup size with each child and am now an F cup. I envy the mother who shrinks after breastfeeding. Finding a nursing bra that isn’t frumpy has been a challenge – finding an F cup nursing bra, well, for many years it was just impossible.

A few years ago after almost 4 years of breastfeeding, I finally got rid of all my old bras – they were all too small anyway. Since then, I have sought out the best nursing bras available. When I say best, I mean best – best in support, best in comfort, best in looks, best in function and price. As a breastfeeding mom, I am producing milk around the clock. I deserve well fitting bras and so do you!

Ladies, if you are breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding, don’t cheat yourself on a few good nursing bras. Go get fitted! It is estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, and I would guess that this is a much higher for nursing moms! Pay attention to the fit as an ill fitting nursing bra can contribute to the breast infection mastitis. “Nursing bras should be properly fitted. The mother should lean forward when putting on a bra so that the entire breast falls in the bra cup. No breast tissue should be pinched under the edge of the cup or bra. This is especially important when wearing an underwire bra.” (Gubala and Berg, 1988) If you didn’t know, underwire bras are not recommended for nursing bras.

And please remember mamas, you JUST had a baby, don’t be embarrassed by a bigger bra size band or cup. No one needs to know what size you are but you and the bra fitter. A good fitting bra is flattering. Focus on the FIT not the NUMBER!!

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

One of my personal favorite bras is the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.  This bra is so comfortable and supportive that if I didn’t own more than one I would just wear it every day and just not leave the house while it was washing.

One of the many perks of this bra is that is a “multi-size” bra with 4 sizes that can fit from  a 32B to a 46F. That means that this same bra can fit you while you are pregnant, when your milk comes in and still fit when your milk regulates! At first glance this might seem like a pricey bra at $49, but because of the unique multi-size fit of this bra it can potentially be a huge cost savings to just buy the one size!  You can save yourself the time and expense of having to buy a bigger bra while pregnant and then again when your milk comes in. I would recommend sizing up though if you are close to the edge of a sizing band.

This bra is made from 88% nylon and 12% spandex with a 100% polyester lining, so it is soft and stretchy, yet holds it shape after an all day wear and after day 2 wear – for those of you that do that too. For the larger cup sizes, the bottom band is wide making the bra very supportive even without an underwire. It also provides a good cup shape with separation, so you don’t feel like have a uni-boob. The bra is a full cup, so if you are wearing low cut or deep V tops, the bra may not be what you are looking to wear under them.

Inner Strap and Removable Pads

The bra comes in several neutral and fun colors and its seamless design fits perfectly under your favorite t-shirt. It also has removable pads, for those mamas that want a little more coverage in the front to hide nipples or nursing pads. The pads should be removed prior to washing much like the pads in a swim suit to help them retain their shape. Replacement pads are available for purchase. I prefer to remove them altogether as I find the fit more comfortable as an F cup. While washing recommendations are machine wash and hang dry, as a work at home mom to 3 homeschooling kids I am guilty of machine drying. The bra will pill a bit in the dryer, but after almost 3 years of use it still is in great shape.

Last but definitely not least, how does it function as a nursing bra? Bravo! The clasp clips are flat and discreet. It is also easy to clip and unclip with one hand (a personal must have!) and even makes a “click” so you know it’s latched. The nursing cup is a full drop front, so you have full access with an inner strap to keep the shoulder strap in place.

While this bra may not be as pretty as some other nursing bras I own, it is my “go-to” every day nursing bra, because I really don’t want lace everyday. This is a best seller in our store – and when given several options this bra just doesn’t let you down.

Wanna try one out? Use the coupon 10BLOG to get 10% off any Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra!! Coupon expires on 10.2.10.

by Abbie, mama to Mom’s Milk Boutique, and breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering mama to 3. Although I only have 1 kiddo currently doing any of those three things right now.

Gubala, Judie and Karen Berg. Recurrent Plugged Ducts and Breast Infections. Conn-Tact, Fall, 1988.

HOTmilk introduces the NEW Luminous Nursing Bra

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

…it is with pleasure HOTmilk Lingerie introduce you to our exciting new line – essentials, the sexy choice. Available up to an H cup!

Having spent a great deal of time researching what a pregnant or nursing mother needs and wants, these essential bra sets and fantastic new HOTmilk shapewear garments were developed using superior fabrics and the latest technology without compromising on fashion and that sexy, HOTmilk point of difference!

essentials are ongoing styles and we always hold stock. Mothers are pregnant and nursing for a short time, so we understand the importance of having a full size selection in store. The introduction of HOTmilk essentials now makes this easy.

These bra and matching underwear sets are the perfect complement to our fashion forward styles. The exquisite, yet practical palette we have chose provides colors we wear on a daily basis – natural colorways and staple blacks, always in season, always in demand.

The first bra in this collection is the Luminous Nursing Bra….other styles to follow!

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WINNER – Laura Duarte! Congratulations! You have until September 23rd to claim your bra by emailing abbie at momsmilkboutique dot claim or another winner will be chose.

Cloth Diapers Explained: A Guide To Help You Choose Which Is Right For You and Your Baby

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Deciding what type of cloth diaper to use can be one of the hardest parts about choosing cloth diapering. There are so many different types of cloth diapers, with more coming out every month. It’s enough to make your head spin! Here we will explain the different types of diapers, and their pros and cons, to help you figure out which is right for you and your baby.

Pocket Diapers –  A pocket diaper is a diaper that consists of a water proof outer layer, a stay dry inner layer and a pocket opening in which to insert a soaker. Pocket diapers are a very popular choice for many reasons. One of my favorite aspects of the pocket diaper is being able to control the amount of absorbency. Most pocket diapers come with an insert usually made with microfiber or hemp. An insert is a rectangular soaker pad that you “stuff” into the pocket opening. You can also use prefolds, flat diapers, or even microfiber towels if you choose. There are many different options you can use when it comes to stuffing your pockets
1. Can be used for outings, day care, nights and are “daddy favorites” because you can control absorbency.
2. Very easy to use: Just pre-stuff your pockets and have them ready to use as needed.
3. Easy to put on baby: Velcro and snap closures make it quick to put on and give a custom fit.
1. You have to remove the soiled insert before washing, which some mamas don’t like.
2. Some mamas don’t like the extra work of having to stuff pocket diapers before use.
3. Not all pocket diapers come with an insert, which is an added cost factor.

All-In-Ones (AIO’s) – AIO’s consist of a water proof outer layer, a stay dry inner layer, and a soaker sewn in. Out of all the cloth diapers, these are the most like disposables because they require no extra work adding inserts or a cover. If you are unsure about stuffing pockets or using diapers that need a cover, AIO’s are a great option.
1. Easy to use. These are perfect daycare and daddy diapers.
2. No extra steps involved, just fasten on baby and go.
1. These diapers have sewn in soakers so they may take longer to dry. To avoid that, look for one with loose soaker (like a bumGenius Elemental).
2. May not be as absorbent as other types of diapers and you cannot customize absorbency like a pocket diaper, unless you add a doubler.

All-In-Two (AI2’s) – These are very much like the AIO’s, but in two pieces instead of one. An AI2 consists of an outer water proof layer and a soaker that either snaps in or lays into the outer shell. Some AI2’s come with soakers that are topped with a stay dry material or can come with your choice of material to use for the soakers.
1. Drying time is shorter because the soaker isn’t attached.
2. Very easy to use, just lay in or snap in soaker and put on baby.
3. Requires no cover because it has a water proof outer shell.
4. Can often reuse cover and just change insert, saving money on buying more diapers.
1. These diapers can sometimes be more expensive. They are often made with more expensive materials such as organic cotton and bamboo velour.

Fitted Diapers – Fitteds diapers consist of a body of fabric, usually made with natural fibers such as cotton, hemp or bamboo. They have a soaker which can either be sewn internally into the diaper or that is separate and snaps onto the diaper. You can choose either snap or Velcro closures, or snapless fitteds that allows you to use Snappi’s or pins to fasten. Fitted diapers require some sort of water proof cover. They are often trim fitting and you can add doublers for extra absorbency if necessary.
1. Dries quickly when it has a snap in soaker.
2. Often fitteds come in cute prints, which can make using them a lot of fun.
3. Can be very absorbent and you can add doublers for more absorbency.
4. You can find covers made with PUL in fun colors and even prints, or you can explore the world of wool and fleece.
1. Takes longer to dry when it has a sewn in soaker.
2. Requires a water proof cover, so not as convenient as an all in one diaper.
3. Can be costly when made out of more expensive materials such as bamboo.

Prefold Diapers –  Prefold diapers consist of several layers of an absorbent material, usually cotton, sewn together. A prefold has three sections, with the middle being the thickest and most absorbent. When you see a prefold described as “4x8x4” this means that it has two outer sections of 4 layers of material and one middle section with 8 layers. They are a two-step system and require a water proof cover. Prefolds can be fastened with either a Snappi, pins or can be trifolded into a cover.
1. An economical choice. Prefolds cost considerably less than other types of diapers.
2. Wash easily, dry quickly, and are very durable.
3. Can add absorbency by using a doubler or folding an insert inside of it.
4. There are many different folds you can learn to make a more customized fit on your baby.
5. You can find prefolds in other materials that can be more absorbent such as hemp or bamboo.
1. Have a bit of a learning curve, so prefolds can be intimidating at first.
2. Not very daycare and daddy friendly because of the learning curve.
3. Not all mamas think prefolds are as absorbent as other types of diapers.

Flat Diapers – A flat diaper or more commonly known as flats, consist of one layer of an absorbent material, usually birdseye cotton. These diapers are probably the type of diapers your grandmother used and are making a huge comeback now. Flat diapers are like a prefold that hasn’t been sewn all together. To use a flat diaper, you fold it so that it takes on a shape to fit around your baby, making an absorbent layer where it’s needed. There are many different folds that you can learn and you will be surprised at how fun using these diapers can be.
1. Wash very easily and dry very quickly. No worry about stripping or special washing techniques.
2. Very economical – cost even less than prefold diapers.
3. The original “one size” diaper.
4. Can be “trifolded” into a cover like prefolds for maximum absorbency.
5. You can add a doubler or layer two flats together for added absorbency
6. Flats make great, inexpensive doublers and pocket stuffers.
7. Some mamas love to dye their flats and you can have fun learning different folds.
1. Have a learning curve to use, even more so than prefolds.
2. Are not daycare friendly.
3. Often times require added absorbency, especially for toddlers and heavy wetters.
4. Require a water proof cover.

Setting Up A Cloth Diapering System
You may be asking yourself if should you pick between fitteds or pockets, prefolds or AIO’s. Before you make a decision you might want to consider this: you don’t need to stick with just one type of diaper. You may want to use one, two or even three different types of diapers to suite your needs. If you have a your child in daycare, you may want  AIO’s to make it easier for the provider. If you know you and your baby will be spending a lot of time and home and want something simple, you may prefer fitteds and wool. If daddy is leary about trying cloth diapers, you may want to have a stash of pockets just for him. If you are on a tight budget and need to save money, prefolds or flats are very economical. Choosing diapers to best suite your daily schedule will help you set up the perfect cloth diapering system. Mom’s Milk Boutique has an awesome 30 day cloth diaper trial program to make this choice a little easier. Have fun mamas!

by Beth Eckert, guest contributor and cloth diapering mom to 5 boys.

Wanna learn more about cloth diapers from Beth? Visit her blog at