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How I convinced my husband to cloth diaper.

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

A lot of people think that I’m crazy.  Not because of the way I dress, not because my home is a total mess (it’s not…ever), not even because of my personality (I’m pretty quiet).  Instead, it’s how I choose to diaper my baby that gets to them.

I frequently get the question, “So…what kind of diapers do you use/recommend?”

I reply, “We use cloth diapers and we love them!”

That’s when I get the “you’re crazy” look which only gets stronger when they find out that I have been breastfeeding for 13+ months AND I still use a sling to carry my toddler around.  But, for that, I don’t mind being crazy!  What I’m doing is what is best for MY child, and I’ll take all the looks people have to give me. It’s worth it.

After realizing that cloth diapering is a lot easier than it was when I when I was a child, I decided it was something that I wanted to do.  My husband?  That was a different story.  Just think, you’re getting ready to have your first bundle of joy and there’s so much that goes along with it– clothing, cribs, bedding, nursery decor, swings, bouncers, NAMES and that’s the fun stuff; let’s not forget the spit-up, the late nights and lack of sleep…the poop.  I knew I’d have some serious convincing to do, and I’d like to share my, “honey, this is worth it” list with you.

So, obviously the first thing you want to do when trying to convince your husband to hop on board (with anything, really) is to go and turn on a ball game.  Get him a cold drink, hand him the remote, give him a kiss and let him know you won’t complain one bit during the game that he’s not spending time oohing and ahhing over all of the stuff you got at your baby shower- so long as you can have some undivided attention when it’s over.  I find that 10 times out of 10 this works.  When the game is over, give him 5 minutes to get over his excitement or disappointment and then sit down with him.  Start with reason number one (this was the biggest reason for us):

1.  “Honey, cloth diapering will save us a lot of money.”  No one is ever opposed to saving a good dollar or two….or several hundred in this case.  Cloth diapering is a very cost effective way to cover your baby’s (or babies’) bottom(s).  While you’ll be putting out a good amount of money up front, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run- especially if you’re planning on having more than one child.  When we purchased our set of cloth diapers (22 bumGenius One Size 3.0’s) we spent a little over $350.  I know… deep breaths.  That’s a big number.  Ready to keep going?

So, on average, for the first 7 months of your baby’s life, you’re going to go through 7-10 diapers a day. Doing some quick math, that’s close to 1,600 diapers in 7 months!  If you spend $7 (the cheap brands) per 32 diapers, then by month 7, your baby has gone through about  In the first 7 months you’ve spent $355 on just diapers!

Now, if you invested in the one size cloth diapers, you’d have already broken even!  Amazing, isn’t it?  By month 9 we were saving money!  Interested in finding out how much you’d be saving?  Go here and do your own calculations.  This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of your savings if you keep it up with baby number 2, then 3…  Imagine if you put the money you’d be using towards diapers into savings–what a great start to a college fund!

You may be able to stop your convincing right here.  The money saving may very well be enough of an incentive for your husband to want to go ahead with it (it was for me).  If it’s not, well, keep going….

At this point, you’re pretty set on cloth diapering.  You’ve gotten past the money reason and while it’s piqued his interest, your husband may not be sold yet. Remember, there are a lot of preconceived notions about cloth diapering that make it less than appealing to most mommies–imagine how the dad’s feel about it. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other reasons to grab him!  Onto reason number 2:

2.  “Poop is gross.”  Stay with me, now.  I’m going to tell you what I tell anyone who wonders why I do cloth – poop is gross no matter what.  If it’s in a disposable diaper sitting in a trashcan gathering stink or if it’s sitting in a diaper pail waiting to be washed–it’s gross.  I highly recommend (if you do decide to cloth diaper) a diaper sprayer.  It will save your life…or at the very least your hands from having to spend a lot of time in the toilet cleaning diapers.  Definitely worth it.

Obviously, the laundry aspect of it isn’t too fun.  In fact, if we’re being honest, those are some of my least favorite moments of the week…I think I’d rather clean toilets in a frat house.  If I felt this way about it, I knew when I spoke with my husband that this could be a potential deal breaker.  So, I went in also knowing that when he asked, “Who’s going to be doing the laundry?”, if I was serious about it, I needed to suck it up and say, “I will.”  You may have to do that, too.  The laundry isn’t fun, but when I see my little girl waddling around in her pink bumGenius…it’s worth it.

3. “Cloth diapering has come a long way since we were babies.”  And it has!  It’s incredible how much like a normal disposable diaper some cloth diapers are.  If you’re going for the super money savings, you may want to just go with the prefolds and snappies, BUT if you’re going for the ease and convenience in cloth diapering, the world is at your finger tips!  There are all kinds of brands out there, many of them you can find at Mom’s Milk Boutique. You can find all kinds of different things that float your boat- velcro or snaps, one size fits all or all in ones, washable liners and/or disposable liners–the list goes on and on!  So, do your research- make sure you do it together because he’ll be changing diapers, too, and you want him to get something that’s going to be comfortable for him.  As I mentioned above, we chose to use the bumGenius 3.0 one size diapers and not only is my husband comfortable with using them, so are the grandparents, friends and babysitters who have come over.

At this point, take a deep breath, smile and gauge the reaction.  If it looks like he’s convinced then you need not continue, you don’t want it to start to feel like a lecture!  If it looks like he may need some more convincing, there are several other great reasons to cloth diaper.  It’s much better on the environment (for all you mommas with “green” hubbies); it’s much better for baby’s bottom– less diaper rash = less money spent on diaper creams (again, with the money saving) AND less diaper rash = less tears and pain; it’s easier to potty train a baby who has been cloth diapered because they’re used to having that kind of fabric on their bottoms (the cloth diapers are more like a pull up and less like the bulky disposable diapers) and so it’s not quite as big of a transition.

Will people think you’re crazy?  Probably.  Would it be easier to buy disposable diapers, throw them away, and not think about it?  Definitely.  Is it worth it to save the money, do the laundry, and protect your sweet baby’s bottom?  Absolutely. Start the conversation with your husband, and hopefully he will see, like mine did, that it’s worth it.

by Christy Kayle, guest contributor


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Breastfeeding: Surprises!

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Before having my son I read an entire book on breastfeeding, cover to cover. It was a long book and I thought I knew it all. Right after giving birth, I stopped thinking I knew it all. Here are some things I wish I had known.

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows
You will need a lot of pillows. A lot of pillows. Did I mention a lot of pillows? Breastfeeding pillows don’t lift a newborn up high enough for proper positioning. It’s helpful to have an extra pillow under or on top of your breastfeeding pillow. You may also need pillows behind your back and under the sides of the breastfeeding pillow. I think I may have had four or five pillows that I positioned for every breastfeeding session. It may feel like you’re building a kindergarten-style pillow fortress every time you sit down to nurse your baby, but after a few weeks one pillow is all you will need. The awkward positioning of the first days will gradually turn into the natural-looking, pillow-free hold you imagined.

You need a drink!
No, not that kind. But you do need to keep yourself hydrated. Making milk takes water and that water comes from you, leaving you one thirsty mama. Bring a glass of water with you to your breastfeeding location or make your husband or other helper bring you one. My mom told me to pick a special glass or mug and make that the one I drank from while I was nursing. It was good advice. While you are waiting for your milk to come in or if your supply seems low drink a fenugreek tea. I like Organic Mother’s Milk® Tea from Traditional Medicinals®.

Be careful what you wish for.
You will have WAY too much milk at first – keep towels handy. When my milk came in, I could not get over my breasts and the way that they were the size of basketballs. I also couldn’t get over the way they managed to soak my clothes, bedsheets, furniture, and firstborn child. I had bought washable nursing pads thinking that they would be adequate for soaking up the few extra drops that might leak out. They did not survive the deluge. Neither did the several shirts a day that I soaked through. I recommend Johnson & Johnson disposable nursing pads for at home. They aren’t individually wrapped so they don’t travel well, but they are the most comfortable and absorbent ones I have found. Cloth diapers or burp rags also work if you just need to shove something in your shirt while the baby nurses on the other side. Oh yeah, that’s another thing I didn’t know about. When your baby is nursing on one breast, the other one will leak or even spray. Be prepared. It may be several months before you can break out the eco-friendly nursing pads without fear of having to change your shirt. It’s OK. I won’t tell the green police.

Hello, ladies
Be ready to kind of forget what caring about modesty feels like. Of course, birth will pretty much prepare you for this. Laugh at yourself. It’s fine. I did the first time I noticed I had been walking around the house (without pants) for hours with one breast exposed and a cloth diaper stuffed into the other side of my bra. Nursing tanks rock. No shirt lifting required and the bra is built in. Get at least three, but skip the white one for now. It will probably (definitely) get stained. Pants are optional.

I was very committed to breastfeeding but I was a big worrywart too. Soreness, pumping, milk supply, thrush, latch–the worrying went on and on. I had nothing to worry about. It was all fine and, most likely, it will be fine for you too. If you do have any problems, there is help out there. Many hospitals have lactation consultants that will see you and do an in-depth analysis of your problem even to the point of weighing your infant before and after feeding to see how much milk she is getting. La Leche League leaders are more than happy to help, day or night. They’ve been there, done that and have most likely heard it before. Give them a call. Talk to other moms, even ones you don’t know. If a stranger asked me about breastfeeding, I would talk all about it and not even think it was weird that a stranger asked me about breastfeeding. Seriously.

Breastfeeding is amazing. It’s sometimes silly, sometimes painful and often confusing. It is also always perfect, always beautiful and always worth it. Be ready to breastfeed. Seek out as much information as you can and then get ready to be surprised.

By Naomi Marotta


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