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My Pregnancy: Week 17

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

We were first pregnant in the spring of 2011. Just the other evening hubby and I were noticing a few things that have changed in such a short period of time. These musings are not so much an all-encompassing list of trends so much as a reminder to you, mama—the parenting world is always coming up with some new gadget, technology, or trend. Whether you buy into the newest thing or pass it by, know your awesomeness is timeless.

Baby GearScreen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.05.38 PM

Baby gear is getting cooler; it is also becoming more fantastical. There are pack ‘n plays that open with the touch of a single button. I find this entirely unnecessary, but I am impressed by the cool new swings that now swivel and move in a circular motion, among other things. The baby rocker has been all the rage lately, many touting the Rock ‘n Play to be the sleep solution for those babes particularly eager to fight his or her zzzz’s. We’ll probably keep our old-style swing that goes just one way (and turns into a vibrating-optional bouncer!), but I may or may not have spent an hour looking at the reviews and picking out which model I prefer in the new rocker.

The mini-crib and bassinet have gotten a few updates, making some models more co-sleeping friendly than just a few years ago. For example, swivel sleeper designs are getting a big push in mommy circles. As I’ve had two C-sections and will soon have another, this design is enticing but we’re opting to save our pennies (a lot of them) by using what we already have. I could justify buying into a few of these new updates but turns out timeless classics, like the old-school swing, are timeless for a reason.

My Pregnancy Week 17Gender Reveal Parties

I’m going to go out on a limb and just say I don’t quite get the practice of “gender reveals,” or more accurately, sex reveal announcements and parties. I think my observation here is how trendy having a baby has become. In random daydreams I wonder if the baby industry saw how lucrative the wedding industry was and found a way to amplify everything. Then social media magnified things even more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to hear someone else’s exciting news, but I also think this intensified anticipation about baby-ness contributes to the intensity of being pregnant.

After we found out the sex of each child, we called our parents and then texted or emailed our siblings and a few friends. That is way less stressful and low-key to me than a party, a photo shoot, or being surprised in front of a lot of people.  This may mostly reflect my style. I’m more introverted and subtle when it comes to my personal life (not so much when it comes to, for example, social justice issues). Whether the doctor tells me or I cut a cake, whether it’s at 14, 20, or 40 weeks—in all of the scenarios it’s an exciting, surprising moment.

We all have different ways of communicating things, and I appreciate that others enjoy the creativity and planning involved in sex reveal announcements.  Some have waited so long to be expecting that everything is worth celebrating! Continue on! It is, though, one example of how babies have become a trendy, share-worthy business lately.


Other eco-friendly, attachment parenting, what-have-you “trends,” like cloth diapering, might also fit into this category. I remember I was the first with a Moby, Baby Bjorn still only had the original, slim-seated model, and many of the popular brands—like Boba, Beco, and Ergo—had only their most basic styles. Tula was just a city in Russia. Baby wearing and other such things are more mainstream, seen much more often (though this may not be the case everywhere).  This last trend is one I’m definitely on board with!

Annie is a mom of a two- and three-year-old who finally is enjoying the full spectrum of food again. Hurrah and huzzah!

Pregnancy Week 17: First Pregnancy vs. Second

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

Your first pregnancy, you feel like a princess. Your family and friends lavish you with attention, and you dream of having the sweetest, cutest baby. Now, you’re pregnant with baby number two, but this time it is a lot different. You’re chasing a toddler. You struggle to fix your hair, let alone glow. They say each pregnancy is different, and this week I have been thinking about ways that my second pregnancy has compared to my first so far.

Body and Belly

With my first pregnancy, my bump was basketball shaped, and I had the glow. Many women spend time pampering themselves during their first pregnancy: massages, naps, pedicures. This time around, I can’t seem to get a long shower or get extra sleep. I’ve also noticed more breakouts on my face. The once beautiful glow has been replaced with teenage acne.

I’ve seen so many cute ideas on how to capture weekly belly photos, but after your first pregnancy, you might be lucky to remember to even wear cute enough clothes to get your picture taken. So far, no stretch marks. If I do get some, I plan on trying Mango Mama Bump Butter. A plus to having a second pregnancy is that you usually feel the baby move sooner or show earlier.

Worries, Fears, and What ifs

With a first pregnancy, you tend to worry about everything–Autism, developmental and genetic disorders. You are bombarded. Every little cramp or even a lack of movement can cause a first-time mom to go into a panic. What about all of those things you’re not supposed to do or not supposed to eat while pregnant? The first time around, you follow that list strictly. I remember worrying once because I ate some yummy queso blanco at a Mexican restaurant. My baby came out perfectly healthy. I’ve noticed the second time around that I still am cautious with being healthy for my baby, but I’m not as concerned with worry. My worries this time around are more about where baby will sleep in my tiny house, or if my toddler will still be in diapers at baby’s birth.

Your Focus

During your first pregnancy, you are focused on baby. You get the cute emails weekly. You sing songs to your growing belly, and remember to send all of your family your latest sonogram photo. I’ve noticed that being pregnant while taking care of a toddler changes your focus some. While I am still focused on my growing baby, I sometimes have to remind myself that I am in fact pregnant. I’ve just started having my toddler pat my belly and say, “Hi, baby.” While I am not getting the weekly emails, I am reading a weekly book about baby and mom’s development.

So, mommas, how did your first pregnancy compare with the second, third, fourth, or even fifth? How do we still be mom to our children who need us so much, and still focus on the growing miracle we have been blessed with? This is something I don’t have the answer to, but I am learning every day. You’re a mom once you’re pregnant. I may just have one child to chase right now, but I have enough love to give to both. That’s enough for me this week.

Karyn Meyerhoff is a stay at home mom in Northeast Indiana who loves to read, write, and nap. She loves being pregnant and loves being a mom. It’s definitely the hardest job, but she wouldn’t change a thing.