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Organizing Your Kid Photos

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

organizing kid photosAt some point in everyone’s life computer technology does them wrong. We’ve all been there—middle of the night finishing a term paper or some other less than ideal circumstance—and the screen goes blank. Now that children are in our picture I know I have far more documents, photos, and videos that are priceless and irreplaceable.

First, know who you don’t necessarily want to count on. These days with social media there’s likely some trail of your existence. Relying on a site like Facebook is not ideal as they compress your photos (though it is possible to upload higher resolution photos and HD videos by following their suggestions). Furthermore, you miss out on those photos you choose not to upload for privacy’s sake, like that naked one of your naked son holding a sword, sitting on the white porcelain throne as he learns to potty train. If you store your photos on a site like Shutterfly, you can also download what you previously uploaded but the quality is not necessarily the same as your original file. So social media and photo websites are better than nothing, but there are superior options for long-term, quality storage.

Get organized. Pull all your photos together and figure out a system that works for you. I personally have a folder for each year. In that I have twelve folders by month (labeled, for example, 2016-01, 2016-02, etc.). I also have a folder for videos which has in it twelve folders by month. I prefer chronological, but you might want to save folders of photos by theme (graduation, silly outtakes, etc.) or family member (little Jake, Grandma Rose,  etc.).

Consider tangible backup. We have a portable hard drive that I update monthly. You can purchase a hard drive online or at most electronics stores. For $50 to $100 you can find portable hard drives with one to several terabytes of space.  I know others who still print out all their photos and store them in-house.

Consider off-site storage. This is the language of “cloud” or Dropbox that you may have heard floating around, and you may already (knowingly or unknowingly) have a cloud associated with your phone, pad, or email. Google Drive and iCloud are two of the most well-known.  Amazon Prime membership includes a cloud for unlimited photo storage. Microsoft has OneDrive and, including additional services, Office 365.

Some small businesses offer electronic storage but the larger brands can offer more space and reputable brand with sale/sign-up incentives. All of these offer 2-15 gigabytes free and some offer a trial membership of a month or more so you can try out their interface. Most offer both monthly and annual plans though some also offer options of charging by the amount of space you use or other features). Most can sync to your phone and computer to automatically back up your files and allow you to access said files anywhere you have internet access.

How to choose the best fit for you may depend on a number of factors. You may already have brand loyalty. Consider your current email or subscriptions. For example if you’re still an Outlook or Hotmail user, you have OneDrive; If you already have a Google email/account, you have access to 15GB of storage; if you have an iPad you have an iCloud accessible to you. Consider your device brands and if you want to sync your computer and phone together. For example, if you’re an Android user, iCloud won’t be the most effective option.

Last, sit back and enjoy. Next project, scan in all those old photos from back in the day when phones were connected to the wall and cameras had rolls of film. You know, in your spare time.

Lynette is a mom of three children from newborn to age four. She’s a dumbphone girl living in a smartphone world. 

Getting Good Pictures of an Active Toddler

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

I’m the eldest sibling in my sibling set, and the old rule holds true for us at least: there are exponentially more photographs of me as a baby than either of my little sisters (probably combined). Of course, this was back in the film photography days, when snapping a picture wasn’t as easy as grabbing your smartphone.

IMG_0289 IMG_0290Now, with DSLRs and smartphone cameras making really high quality cameras accessible to so many people, it’s hard not to take tons of pictures of our kids. Unfortunately with toddlers, however, those pictures may be numerous, but they aren’t always great (or even good). Combine an amazingly messy creature on an insatiable quest to move constantly with a parent that never seems to have enough arms to go around, and what we are often left with is a lot of blurry pictures sent to the delete folder.

How to get better pictures of your child (see, Mommy and Daddy really do love all of you, we have photographic proof!)? Well, first stop is the equipment. The old adage ‘the best camera is the one you have with you’ is totally accurate. For many of us, that’s a smartphone. The newest iPhones take much higher quality pictures than my first digital camera ever could. If you don’t have (or don’t want) a smartphone, here’s a good list of digital cameras that should be as quick and high quality as any smartphone. If you’re shopping, you will be looking for something small and fast-focusing. The downside to these is, well, the price. Honestly, for a point-and-shoot, for me nothing beats my phone.

Second, get down at your kids’ level. Your pictures will be much more interesting if you can get eye-level with your kiddo. For crawlers this means you, too, may be crawling.

Third, light. Why is this third? I should have made it first, because lighting can make or break a photo. The most flattering natural lighting occurs in the morning just after sunrise, and again in the evening just before sunset. Obviously, toddlers will make this impossible 98 percent of the time. However, do try and get the sun or light source behind you. Watch for shadows, both from harsh mid-day sun and from trees and buildings if you are outdoors.

Fourth, have fun with post-processing. If you are using your phone, apps like Instagram or Adobe’s Photoshop app can be a fun way to manipulate your photos. Also, your toddler probably hasn’t mastered ‘duck lips’ yet, so you will be guaranteed to have the cutest pictures on social media.

Finally, DSLR kits offer a lot of bang for your buck and really let you get creative. If you’re thinking of stepping up your kiddy photography game, the two big players are Canon and Nikon (I’m a Canon girl, personally). These cameras will let you adjust the shutter speed, which is very helpful with fast-moving targets, ISO and aperture. They also offer a variety of different lenses that allow you to photograph a wider variety of subjects.

A word of caution, though: Many people buy a DSLR and never learn how to use it. It stays on Auto the whole time. When that’s the case, the camera may rarely be used as well because it’s bulky and less convenient than a smartphone. If you plan to buy one, take some time to learn to use it. There are tons of photography tutorials, both paid and free, in articles, Pinterest and on Youtube. If you prefer a more hands-on tutorial, there are lots of photographers that offer digital photography classes. The little bit of time you spend learning about what your camera can do will pay huge dividends down the road.

Meaghan Howard is a stay-at-home mom to two super active little boys. She enjoys taking photographs of her little family as well as photo documenting their travels.

Fan Photo Friday: Silly Siblings

Friday, August 31st, 2012

Inspired by this photo, I thought it would be fun to share Silly Sibling photos for this week’s Fan Photo Friday! :) By the way this picture is not of my boys, but honestly I can picture walking into such a scene in my own home. YIKES! There was a colorful discussion on the Mom’s Milk Boutique Facebook page about this photo and the various reactions. I keep thinking about what my own reaction would be? Although it’s hard to know for sure, I think the initial anger would eventually soften; especially after sharing the photo with friends and families who would surely cry from laughing so hard. And yes, I would definitely take a picture! I also kept thinking about what the circumstances might be that would allow young children access to paint and I can think of a dozen different innocent scenarios. For example perhaps in this scenario the adjoining room was being painted. Dad walked out to go to the bathroom not realizing Mom was tied up changing baby’s diaper and lo and behold a whole 2 minutes later they walk into that mess! I know hubby and I have gotten much better throughout the years communicating who is on kid duty. As for the children’s behavior, I can appreciate the impulsivity of young children and their ability to get completely immersed in the moment without thinking one iota about the consequences. I can almost picture the sheer joy these boys experienced in the minute or two spent finger painting their living room. My guess, given their estimated age, they were acting completely on a spontaneous impulse and don’t yet quite grasp the rule “don’t paint the couch”. :) Or maybe it’s just a staged photo? Or maybe mom and dad were re-doing the living room anyway and let the kids have at it with an open can of paint? Who knows what the real story is? Whatever it may be 1. it made me laugh and 2. I am thankful I haven’t experienced a mess of that proportions! At any rate here are the Silly Sibling photos sent in by Mom’s Milk Boutique fans just like you:

Here are Emily’s cutie patooties “playing together”…not sure Big Sister is happy that Little Sister thinks her long locks are a toy? Although according to the grin on Little Sister’s face, I think she’s enjoying herself quite a bit!











Here are Melissa’s silly girls ages 4.5 and 2 showing off the tutus she made them tutus for Christmas. Apparently they enjoyed finding “alternate ways” to wear them!

Here are Kara’s sweet boys ages 3.5 and 2 sharing a laugh together! Can’t help but smile at their joyful expressions!

Here are my own boys shortly after Izzy was born. I was trying to get a good picture of all three boys to send to family members however Abraham (2 years old at the time) was clearly more interested in picking his boogies than posing for the camera.


Here is a favorite photo of my own siblings and I, circa 1986

Fast forward about 24 years later here we are all together again. And as embarrassing as this photo is (yes, that is me sticking out my backside at the camera) it totally depicts how much fun the 4 of us have when we are all together!

Thanks to the mamas who sent in photos this week! Today’s Fan Photo Friday winner is Melissa! Congrats Melissa and be on the lookout for 25 Milk Miles in your account!

Now ready for next week? How about we share some Babywearing Wrap photos? Love me some babywearing…especially in wraps!! Send your Babywearing Wrap photos to sarah@momsmilkboutique by midnight CST Thursday September, 6 and then check back on Friday, September 7 to see who wins 25 Milk Miles!


Fan Photo Friday: A Celebration of Mama’s Milk!

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

This week’s Fan Photo Friday is in honor of all our breastfeeding fans because mama’s milk is definitely worth celebrating! Here are the awesome photos submitted by readers who wanted to join in our celebration of mama’s milk. Check them out…

Here’s Jane with her 7 week old nursling on a boat in a very peaceful, secluded part of Lake Nippissing in Restoule, Ontario located about 10 hours from their home. They travel to the area every year, and even though she had recently given birth to their first child, she didn’t want to miss the chance of welcoming her little one to wonders of this area. What a great family tradition to now share with your son!


Here’s 6 month old Clara and her mama enjoying lunch together. This is a total impromptu picture taken by her 3 year old who was set on taking a picture of momma and little sister.  Turns out to be one of her favorite pictures because it captures such a precious and fleeting time together.


Here’s Max and his mama. His mom says, “Even though I look terrible in the photo, and was embarrassed my mom even took it, I now treasure it. Max was born 5 weeks early weighing only 4 lb 9 oz. He is 5 days old in this picture. The NICU nurses and everyone else told me not to even try nursing, he was too small and weak to do it, and they supplemented him with formula against my wishes while I was on magnesium sulfate. He never had a drop of formula after we brought him home and he nursed for 14 months. I am so proud of him and me for sticking with it even though the odds were against us!” Amazing photo and story! Thanks for sharing both with us and congrats on 14 months of sharing mama’s milk with your son! :)


Here’s Lucas at about 5 weeks old when he finally started latching correctly. He will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and mom is happy to report he nurses like a champ now! She just loves the look on his face in this picture. It’s as though he’s saying “yup mom, I got it now!” :)


This is Jennifer’s daughter at 3 months old. Jennifer loves this pictures because “it shows what baby looks like when the milk lets down…her eyes always roll back like  it is the most amazing thing in the world!”. I totally know exactly the look you are talking about and it IS the best!


Here’s Joey (we’ve seen a few pics of this cutie patootie during Fan Photo Fridays!) at 6ish months old. Much to his mama’s surprise, he decided for the first time that he wanted to sit up while nursing. I love it when babies sit up while nursing. Also I spy some awesome Mom’s Milk Boutique products in this photo including Baltic Amber Jewelery and Econobum diaper cover.


And last but not least here’s my own 16 month old nursling taking a break on a walk to enjoy a little mama’s milk together.


Thanks to all who shared their breastfeeding photos with us. So fun to see a variety of nurslings! The winner of this week’s Fan Photo Friday and the 25 Milk Miles is… Max and his mama!!

Okay get ready for next week’s Fan Photo Friday. Let’s see some Fluffy Bums! Send a photo of your baby in a favorite cloth diaper to by Thursday, June 28. Be sure to include any information you want shared such as age of child, type of diaper, why it is a favorite, etc. Then check back on Friday, June 28 to see some seriously cute babies and their fluffy bottoms! Winner gets 25 Milk Miles deposited into their account!!



Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

Last week our first Fan Photo Friday was a big hit!

It was fun to see a variety of diaper stashes from some of our faithful readers.

Here’s an additional submission that didn’t make it to my inbox quite in time to include on Friday, but is way too cute not share! This is Felicity’s awesome stash!

If you look closely enough you’ll see she even has the diapers organized and labeled according to brand. Felicity, will you come organize my stash…or actually my whole house, lol! Also I love the pattern on the changing pad. In fact I would love to see pictures of the entire nursery…I bet it’s darling! Thanks Felicity for sharing. :)

Now mamas it’s time to take out your cameras or search through pictures on your computer so you can participate in this week’s Fan Photo Friday. This week’s topic is Newborn Babywearing in honor of my own baby fever! Want us to gush over your cutie patootie newborn and show off your favorite baby carrier? Then be sure to email your favorite newborn babywearing photo to by Thursday, May 24 and include any information you want shared such as age of baby, type of carrier, location, etc.  Then check back on Friday, May 25 to see some serious cuteness guaranteed to make you go “aaawwwww!”.

Oh and here’s the best part of this week’s Fan Photo Friday…we decided each participant should get 25 MILK MILES! Woohoo! In case you are not familiar with Milk Miles, it’s the generous reward program at Mom’s Milk Boutique. Fan Photo Friday is another fun way for those Milk Miles to add up fast so you can purchase those items on your Mom’s Milk Boutique wish list! If you submit a photo and it’s shared on May 25′s Fan Photo Friday’s post, 25 Milk Miles will be deposited into your account shortly after. Pretty sweet, huh?!?

Looking forward to seeing your newborn babywearing photos!!