Sunday Funday Giveaway | Bummis Newborn Pack – the Perfect Newborn Diaper

Sunday Funday Giveaway | Bummis Newborn Pack – the Perfect Newborn Diaper

How do you diaper a newborn? What diapers will fit under the cord? Pictured above is my one week old 7 lb. daughter. Newborn prefolds are quite possible the perfect 1st diaper – they fit great and our relatively inexpensve!

If you are pregnant and want to start cloth diapering from day one, I think you will be excited about this week’s giveaway! It’s for a Bummis Newborn Pack. The Bummis Newborn Pack includes 12 organic pre-fold inserts and two newborn wraps. This¬†diaper pack is¬†designed specifically¬†for newborns¬†so it fits babies from 5- 9 lbs. Most cloth diapers, even in the smallest size, are geared for babies¬†10lbs and up, so this diaper pack really is unique. It is a great set to get you through the first several weeks of diapering your newborn!

Save the small size or one-sized cloth diapers for when they will actually fit baby properly because¬†a proper fitting diaper makes a¬†world of¬†difference in how well it contains everything…in other words you’ll experience far less leaks¬†or blowouts when the fit it right.

Considering how many diapers you go through with a newborn, the Bummis Newborn Pack is definitely worth the investment. Additionally once the pre-folds no longer fit, you can use them as a liner or doubler for almost any diaper. If you would like to win a Bummis Newborn Pack for your itty-bitty baby (or to gift to a friend) simply follow the instructions below.

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    I saw your comments on Facebook. Thank you.

  2. Emily Maglietto says:

    So excited for this Bummis Newborn Cloth Diaper give-a-way!!!! :)